10 explanations your business should value its website

Do you question the value of a website? French Internet spending increased from 54 billion euros in 2014 to 129 billion euros in 2021. Sales of goods and services both had year-over-year gains of +24% and +7% respectively. Your revenue can increase thanks to visibility, traffic, and conversion. Here are 10 good reasons to provide a website for your business in order to join the trend.

1. Develop your social media and online presence.

Your presence on the Internet is now unavoidable. A site allows you to be established first, then known and finally acknowledged. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,¬†Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn also strengthen your company’s position on the Web and you can take the guide of social media verification agency.

In order to enhance your communication, it is essential to develop a digital tactic and define beforehand a graphic charter and an editorial line.

2. Appear in Google results

The average amount of time spent online is now over two and a half hours per person per day in France. The user uses a computer or smartphone to conduct their research whether they are at work, home, or traveling by public transportation. He gathers information, makes comparisons, and reads customer reviews before making a purchase or contacting a company.

A website enables you to showcase your services or endeavors by highlighting them with an optimized description and appropriate images. A set is far more useful than a straightforward business card.

3. Obtain credibility by blogging

Utilize a well-organized website that reflects your ideals to demonstrate your competence. Your main assets are a clean overall look and information that fits users’ searches.

Utilizing a blog also aids in establishing your position by providing Internet visitors with a variety of knowledge.

4. Enhance your reputation by using natural references (SEO)

Your geographic traffic region is no longer restricted to your city or neighborhood. It can reach the entirety of France or even the entire world with only one click, provided that you use the user’s language and currency.

Simply include your postal and phone numbers, a dedicated email address, and especially to geolocation of your business on Google Maps in the contact page to be found.

Additionally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes you more well-known and enables you to stably position your website in Google and other search engine results. On our website, you can locate knowledgeable ghostwriters in this area.

5. A responsive website will increase your accessibility

A responsive website can be accessed from a computer or smartphone with an internet connection at any time and from any location (office, home, transportation, etc.). A site’s extended opening hours result from its constant accessibility. You can even reach clients in time zones that are not your own.

6. Use a contact form to establish a direct connection with your customers

A potential customer can quickly contact you thanks to the website. Through the contact form, you are able to obtain his email address and speak with him directly about your newest offerings and services… This link needs to be set up, cared for, and maintained. It serves as a special means of communication between your organization, your industry, and your clients.

7. Using Google Analytics, increase your understanding of your customers

Increasing your understanding of your prospects can help you spot emerging needs. Online surveys can be used for this. Similarly, responding to consumer comments is a wealth of knowledge. Using Google Analytics also enables you to precisely gauge the extent of your actions. As a result, you can adjust your approach and change your market share positioning.

8. Obtain new clients online

The local search of professionals using geolocation is used by 97% of Internet users. Therefore, using a website also enables you to connect with new local customers.

Between 1 and 3% of visitors are turned into prospects using a form to get their contact information with a strong content strategy (email for example).

Sending emails, using free or paid search engine advertising (SEA), blogging… There are many strategies to get people to visit your website.

9. Create a safe website to establish yourself as a reliable player

Installing an SSL certificate (HTTPS) secures your website and guarantees that consumers can browse and shop without risk. You are subject to certain rules when using the Internet; these rules will be stated in the legal notice. You must also develop your data processing and data protection policy (GDPR). These three ideas enable you to educate and reassure your clients.

On a related topic, it is crucial for your business and guarantees the longevity of its business to back up all of your information. Think!

10. Place a wager on a website for a profitable bet

Reduce costs and time! Printing and distributing flyers to promote your business is no longer sufficient in the digital age. Regularly change the content of your website and instantly update it online.

Whether it’s a showcase site or an e-commerce site, developing it will always be expensive, both financially and in terms of time if you do it yourself.

A website is a valuable asset that can benefit you greatly. Consider it an investment rather than a burden.

Are you persuaded by the significance of a website?

You are in charge! Analyze your market’s situation, your strengths, your threats, and your opportunities using the SWOT method. You can target your publications and set up your digital strategy by defining your ideal customer. Which of the several online communication options will be most valuable to you, in your opinion? Finally, choose an editorial line and a graphic charter. Thus, the groundwork for progress is established.

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