6 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs New Brakes

6 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs New Brakes

If you love to drive at high speed, then it is much more essential for the brakes to be in the good condition as a failure of the brakes when driving can cause life-endangering accidents. Therefore, it is better to go to the car service in mumbai and get your brakes checked and replaced in case of the below-mentioned warning signs.

  • High-pitched screeching noises:In case you hear high-pitched screeching noise whenever brakes of your car are applied, it is a sign that your brakes have been worn out and thus, needs to be replaced immediately. The screeching noise can also be caused because of the metal piece coming in the contact with the disc. In such a situation to get the brakes repaired, you should call a mechanic providing car repair at home in mumbai.
  • Strange smells:Such a type of warning sign can be easily noticed. Whenever you experience any strange smell around your car, you should check where it’s coming from. In case your car is being driven for a long time, its brakes heat up, and thus, wear and tear can be caused.
  • Extremely sensitive brakes:Sometimes your car stops when applied brakes even with less effort. This is a sign that there is a reduction in the brake fluid pressure. For the effective functioning of the brakes, the master cylinder needs to have sufficient pressure. Leakage of oil on the floor even when a car is not being used can be a sign of the fluid leak.
  • Extremely insensitive brakes:This particular case is quite opposite of the sensitive brakes. In case you need to put much effort to apply the brakes, that is also an issue. The reasons why your brakes are being extremely insensitive are lower brake fluid, the presence of air in the brake fluid, or brakes pads being too thin. Call a mechanic to diagnose the problem and if the brakes need to be changed then get them replaced.
  • Pulling of car to one side:In case the brake linings are wearing unevenly, your car will be pulled at the one side of the road. It may be caused due to presence of any foreign particle in the brake fluid. Get the brake fluid drained and replaced. If the brakes have been worn out severely then consider them changing with the new one.
  • Car brake dashboard warning lights:with innovative technology, many cars nowadays provide brake light warning on the dash. In case this particular light appears, consider it as a warning sign and get the brakes checked by a professional mechanic. Sometimes there could be an internal problem that can’t be figured out with the naked eyes.

Bottom Line

In case you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned signs when driving the car, consider it as a warning and get the brakes of your car inspected. Immediately book a car mechanic mumbai, take your car for the inspection of the brakes and get them changed if there is any major problem.


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