APT Medical’s Cutting-Edge Electrophysiology Devices

Abnormal heartbeats or arrhythmia require advanced solutions for accurate diagnostics and effective treatment. APT Medical, an innovative provider of medical devices, offers a comprehensive range of innovative products tailored to meet the needs of Electrophysiologists. With a strong commitment to excellence, APT Medical’s Electrophysiology solutions have transformed patient treatment and outcomes.

Superfine Design for CS Mapping

APT Medical introduces the Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter, a remarkable addition to their Electrophysiology portfolio. This 4/3.3F coronary sinus (CS) catheter with a guidewire tip allows deep access into even the smallest CS vasculature, septal perforators, middle cardiac vein, and the vein of Marshall. Its superfine design ensures resolvability of abnormal arrhythmias by precisely mapping their origin.

Unparalleled Features for Enhanced Performance

The Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter boasts a range of features that contribute to its exceptional performance. Its small diameter and guidewire tip facilitate easy placement into even the tiniest branches of the coronary sinus. The catheter’s enhanced braided structure provides excellent support during procedures, ensuring accurate and stable mapping. With tight electrode spacing, clinicians can precisely locate the origin of arrhythmias, leading to optimal treatment outcomes.

Precision Mapping of Smaller Veins

To address the unique challenges of mapping smaller veins, such as the Great Cardiac Vein, LV Summit, Middle Cardiac Vein, and Vein of Marshall, APT Medical’s Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter is the ideal choice. Its optimal design and capabilities enable healthcare professionals to perform precision mapping in these critical areas, facilitating targeted interventions and improving patient outcomes.


APT Medical’s commitment to excellence in Electrophysiology solutions is exemplified by their Triguy™ 4-3.3F Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter. With its superfine design, unparalleled features, and precision mapping capabilities, this device empowers Electrophysiologists to provide accurate diagnostics and effective interventions. APT Medical continues to drive innovation in the field, supporting healthcare professionals in their mission to enhance clinical outcomes.


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