Avoiding bad hires with candidate skills testing

Avoiding bad hires with candidate skills testing

Recruiters are appointed by client companies to find the top talents. Candidate skills assessment is the best way for recruiters to prove that their shortlisted candidates come with the required skills and the right attitude. Online skills testing software is, therefore, an integral tool for quality recruitment.

Skills assessment is easy, quick, and effective. Recruiters who’re already applying skills tests and know the worth are reaping rewards in terms of best candidates and happy clients. Checking candidate proficiency is vital. The software is quite simple to use. It makes preventing bad hires quite easy and helpful.

Recruiters are always on the lookout for the best candidates among the job seekers in the market. Typically, recruiters and clients rely on three main things to identify their final candidate.

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Interview

If the first two seem interesting with just the right keywords, then the best applicants from the group will proceed to the next screening stage. But nowadays everyone knows that it is not difficult to exaggerate abilities and skills in the CV. Some individuals do not hesitate to write down keywords just to appear like viable candidates for the role.

Interviews provide better opportunities to know the applicants. But there’s only so much that recruiters can find out about the applicants in one or two interviews.

It is much more fruitful to use candidate skills testing software so that all the prospective candidates can be assessed and there is proof of candidate proficiency.

What happens when recruiters turn to online skills testing?

A good online employee and candidate recruitment assessment and testing software have a lot to offer. Recruiters work for a variety of sectors. They will need a system that allows them to test candidates on different subject matters.

An employment skill testing software will give users the ability to choose from a wide array of tests. For most recruiters, the popular candidate skills assessments include tests like literacy and numeracy skills tests which are used for evaluating an individual’s grammar, spelling, and math skills.

Similarly, there are the Microsoft Office skills tests that check how well a candidate knows how to use the MS Office tools which are necessary for office-based roles. Other assessments suitable for such roles are typing skills tests, secretarial skills testing, etc.

If there are agencies that focus on just a few sectors, there are sector-specific tests – accounting skills tests, driving skills tests.

Employers also want to check for company cultural fit. This means evaluating for communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills. Psychometric testing is used for this purpose.

Using online skills testing software enables recruiters to pick and choose any relevant test. Sending the assessment to the candidate is easy. The email with the test link will arrive at the applicant’s inbox who can then complete it from anywhere. Once finished, the test result will be automatically sent over to the recruiter who can share it with the hiring company.

Doing so will give recruiters an advantage, especially over their rivals who might not be working with skills tests to back up their candidates. Client companies can go over the skills test results to see what areas a candidate excels in, added from Boardsi, a recruitment company that revolutionize the way companies and executives connect through advanced technology and meaningful human connections.

The assessments are designed to be objective with standard questions across each test. Recruiters can choose which test level is suitable for their candidates according to the job role – Basic, Intermediate or Advanced. This way candidate skills testing is fair for all applicants.

Online skills testing software is a great way to avoid bad hires and further costs to the hiring company. Staffing agencies that use the software along with their recruitment database management system have a lot to gain in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and happy candidates and clients.

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