Best Apps to Learn German for Beginners

Which application is the most useful? Does it make sense to pay for virtual German lessons? How to order a dish in a German restaurant without knowing the language? The DW correspondent checked which applications will help you quickly learn German and replenish your vocabulary. Of course, the selection is subjective.


The application is suitable for learning German online from scratch. Training takes place in the form of a game. Here you can learn all aspects of the language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The basic version of the application is free, and there is also a paid subscription with offline access and the ability to save your progress.


Why is this application better than others? Firstly, it covers all aspects of German, so you can consistently learn the language from scratch without missing out on either conversational skills or grammar. Secondly, it is very interactive and pleasant to use. The learning process in the application takes place in an easy game form, and the interface is colorful and modern, this all makes Preply a great choice in learning German.

Learn German – The City of Words

The app was developed by the Goethe Institute and is excellent for those just starting to learn German. The learning process in the application takes place in the form of a game aimed at explaining the basics of the language, grammar, and expanding vocabulary. And yet, through this application, you can get to know the cities and culture of Germany.

Deutsche Welle Learn German

Deutsche Welle offers lessons for levels A1-B1. Before starting classes, you can take a test to determine your status. Lessons consist of short videos and interactive activities to train listening comprehension, speaking, and learning vocabulary. The main grammar rules are presented separately. There is an option to select the application language (Russian, English, German, etc.). The application is entirely free. Also, various training materials are available on the Deutsche Welle website.


The app is suitable for any language level. There are many ready-made lexical collections here, and you can create your cards and lists and train new words. The service is available in the application and on the site of the same name. You will have access to your account from any device. Along with the app’s free version, there is a premium account with offline access, an image upload option, and other features. A trial version of a paid account is available (you can use it for free for seven days).

Der Die Das

This app is suitable for those who have difficulty remembering German articles. With it, the painful memorization of pieces turns into an exciting game. The app is ideal for both beginner and advanced levels. Der Die Das works without an internet connection. The only negative is that the explanations are given only in English. For a practical study, the free version is enough.

Articles are the most challenging part of German grammar, and it is with their help, that the gender of a noun is indicated. Why is “girl” in German neuter? How to distinguish “sea” from “lake”? With Der Die Das, you will learn how to use articles correctly in a playful way and, at the same time, expand your German vocabulary.


The online service and mobile application allow you to learn words, formulas, terms, and much more in a playful way. With Memrise, you can also practice pronunciation and listening comprehension. A paid subscription is required for full access to courses.


This application is free. The creators claim that it is designed in such a way as to make the most of “the full power of mobile devices and the human brain.” Indeed, Nemo is one of the few programs with which you can not only learn new words but also hone your pronunciation by recording yourself on the built-in voice recorder. This feature is for correcting the accent. In the player mode, users record their speech and compare it with the pronunciation of the German speaker.

Nemo allows you to choose the number of phrases to learn per day, listening speed, and reminder time for a new lesson. The “evening repetition” mode lets you listen to the new words known during the day again. Most importantly, the application does not require an internet connection. According to iTunes service users, Nemo is an excellent option for vocabulary building.

Learn German

There is nothing extra in this ATi Studios app: 800 basic phrases and expressions will come in handy both on a journey and at the initial stage of learning a language. The basic level is divided into several categories: greetings, romance, food, emergency, shopping, health, hobbies, and common phrases.

The application will help make purchases and order food in a German restaurant. These sections contain not only illustrations and basic phrases for travelers but also have the function of listening to phrases. If you don’t know how to order potatoes or ask for more giant shoes, press the button, and your smartphone will say the offer for you.

The Learn German program is free to download, but you need to buy the full version of the app to access some sections.

Lingvo Light DE

It is also a free app. Language schools say flashcards are the best way to build up your vocabulary quickly. Download the Lingvo Light DE app if you don’t feel like wasting paper and writing words by hand. Cards can be sorted by topic, and then test yourself using the “quiz” function. In addition to the terms you have saved, the app contains lists of German verbs with all conjugations. Only one thing is missing – ready-made cards for those who have just started learning German.

Wie geht’s German

“Wie geht’s?” means “How are you?” in German. The application’s name is telling: it will teach the user the most common words and expressions for all occasions. All material is divided into topics and levels of difficulty. There is a grammar section. Native speakers demonstrate the correct pronunciation and help people overcome all their mental blocks.

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