Black Contact Lenses and Their Charm

I’ll start off with a question: why do we all look for different or light coloured contact lenses when it comes to buying lenses or trying to get something that can make our eyes look prettier? I mean myself, or all my friends never talk about purchasing black contact lenses. It’s always about getting green, blue, or some other light shaded contact lenses, especially the Korean ones. If you are someone who does the same thing, you might be missing something magical, yes, magical! Black eyes are no less than something very mesmerizing and charismatic.

Black eyes and the personality traits

Have you ever heard someone telling about a person’s traits based on their eye colour? Well, let’s tell you what’s famous about people with black eyes and why you should try wearing black contact lenses at some point in your life at least. As far as we’ve learnt, black is the rarest eye colour on earth, many people have dark brown eyes that look like black, but in actuality, only a few have black eyes. And they say those having black eyes are born leaders; they are just born to rule and boss around. Maybe you can look around yourself and see if your friend with black eyes possesses similar traits. I know, deep down, you feel like I’m a boss too but don’t have black eyes, so what, well, in that case, to make your personality look more charismatic, you should try wearing black contact lenses and see the difference yourself. You’ll turn from a sweet girl to a classy boss in no time.

Be bossy and confident.

Research also shows that people with black eyes are intuitive, confident, mysterious and very trustworthy. They sure do possess all these qualities, but what if you possess the same qualities and don’t have black eyes? Will that make you any less confident, passionate and optimistic? Well, no! But for some people, you’ll always remain the cute sweet girl with those shiny blue, green, and grey eyes! And yes, you’ll forever be the sweet girl with those pretty brown and hazel eyes. If you want people to be feared, the black contact lenses are the ultimate option for you to try out!

The most powerful eye colour!

Now, if you are wondering whether black eyes can make such a huge difference or not, the answer is yes! They really can change your entire appearance and make your personality look much stronger. So, if you are a person with light coloured eyes, you should try wearing black contact lenses to your next office meeting, seminar, or anywhere where you have to make a public appearance. You will be a lot more confident, and the chances are people will listen to you much more carefully. Right now, you might be feeling like this is an absurd idea or that people don’t even notice that much, but you are wrong here. People do notice every minor detail about people they look upto. 

And yes, don’t worry; people won’t think you are wearing something fake because black contact lenses look incredibly natural. You’ll be surprised to see that once you purchase them and test them. I bet you’ll feel so much more in power once you look at yourself in the mirror while wearing black contact lenses. 

How to do your makeup with black contact lenses?

In this day and age, we as a whole are roused by excellent bloggers, and our way of life forces us to be reckoned with, so cosmetics is something we can’t overlook regardless of whether we need to. Also, truly, there is no mischief in it. If cosmetics can cause you to feel excellent about yourself, simply feel free to do however much you need. Never let an individual advise you not to accomplish something. 

If you’ve bought yourself a couple of dark coloured contact lenses and are going to wear them at any point soon and are searching for some makeup tips, you are in the perfect spot since we have some fabulous thoughts for you. 

Start your cosmetics by covering the spots all over; you don’t overdo the concealer, powder or foundation, particularly around the eyes; it might not look so good because sometimes they make your eyes look a little puffy. Presently to seem as though an ageless diva, apply the sparkly eyeshadow over your eyelids, feline eyeliner and white pencil on your waterline. Delightful! You are definitely not done here; get a contour kit, complement the jaw, cheekbones, and feature your face with your #1 highlighter. Polish off the diva looks with a strong red lip tone and frill with the conventional gem pieces you’ve been loading up for such a long time. A saree or suit will polish off this look perfectly!

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