Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Clean and Green Capital

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Clean and Green Capital

Kuala Lumpur, or KL, which translates as “Muddy Confluence, Estuary or City” is the largest city in Malaysia. It is also the capital, and even though I had only a week there, it left a good impression. Perhaps, after nearly three months in Thailand, the biggest thing to strike me …

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Kuari  pass Trek

Many abandoned shepherd’s huts are often found on the way to Kuari Pass. There is very little water on this trail, so it is recommended to bring enough water. The trail is very strenuous because the initial slope becomes quite steep. This is a continuous uphill hike until the Chechnya …

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Hampta Pass Trek

Guide One of the gathering states in India is Himachal Pradesh. The state has impressive snow-capped mountains and is a huge source of the development business. Explorers from all over the world come to this bright, pristine, and peaceful place, let your mind and spirit be respected and respect the …

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