Different Types of Ikura (Salmon Roe)

Different Types of Ikura (Salmon Roe)

If naming about Ikura you don’t feel your mouth watered then it means you haven’t tasted it before. People who have tried salmon eggs aka Ikura ones in their life never say no to them and always start craving it after listening to its name.

The shiny small orange taste incredible if it is served with any other food item. It enhanced the taste of the paired served item because while eating Ikura you will have blends of flavors. It gives you a sweet, salty, and saury taste. Secondly, when you eat it first it burst into your mouth and then the smooth textured flavor gives you an exotic feel which is quite great.

Now, many people are trying and enjoying its taste because of its nutritional and enriching taste. Many foods expert and chefs are adding Ikura to their menus. It is most famous in Japan and also served in the Japanese cuisine but there are a lot of interesting facts that we still don’t know about it like Ikura do have different types.

Many Sushi experts differentiate the solman eggs according to their types of fish. If you got hooked and want to learn more about it then let me mention to you the types of solman roe. They categorized each solman based on taste, color, and size. The chum salmon is the expensive one and the other types of solman are considered the most common ones such as king salmon and sockeye salmon.

There are some factors on which basis the salmon eggs are differentiated but mostly by the place of origin. So, it’s better to get to know about their types you never know when you are tending to need to buy Ikura to try and cook for your loved one.

Alaskan Salmon Roe

It is the most used and common Ikura which is also known as malossol. It is one of the most loved fish eggs. You can get them of different sizes and mostly they come in medium size to large sizes. This type of fish egg color is reddish-orange. You will also see a small eye visible in the fish. These have plenty of oil inside if you chewed the eggs they will burst into your mouth and give you salty and sweet flavors.

Salmon Roe 

Salmon row is famous for its characteristics and is also known as keta caviar. It is the shining egg and its outer shell is hard and opaque. These shine very brightly when sun rays attract them. if you taste it. You will taste sweet and savory juice inside the golden-orange covers.

Coho Salmon Roe

These solman eggs are found in Canada and have rich flavor and are enriched with nutritional values. It comes in Reddish-orange color and is filled with brine solution.

Pink Trout Roe Caviar 

It is mostly fetched from the pink trout which breaded in farmed under controlled conditions. These eggs come in medium-sized. The eggs are orange in color and often recognized by their one eye.

Final words

If you read the information that is mentioned in the article. Then you can identify the quality and different types of solman roe or Ikura. So, the above-mentioned solman are types of solman fishes that you may find in online stores or any physical stores.

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