Everyday Habits to Improve Your English Language Skills

The best way to improve your English is to find ways of integrating learning, practicing, and using it daily. And it doesn’t have to be for long either. Evidence shows that optimal learning and memory creation can be done in 20 minutes. So, 20 minutes a day of study is all it takes. But what if studying was just part of your everyday routine?Like taking a shower or drinking water. And as enjoyable as the favorite parts of your day. What if you knew how to make learning English the best part of your day every day? Incorporate some of the strategies below to improve your English in an enjoyable, consistent, and convenient way. Want to find out what level of proficiency you are currently at? Preply, the online torturing platform, offers a free grammar placement test to help you reach your learning goals.

Purposeful Exposure

How many times do you use your phone, devices, and social media accounts per day? I guarantee it’s quite a few. Change the language to English on all of those items, and you leave yourself with zero choices. You absolutely have to use English several times a day to do a host of things! And from that, the vocabulary you are purposefully exposing yourself to will become part of your English repertoire.

Read, Watch and Listen

Do you have a favorite magazine, website, or book in your mother tongue that you read daily? Find something similar in English that discusses similar topics of interest and make it part of your daily routine. Is there a TV or radio show or podcast that you love watching or listening to? You may be able to find them in English. But failing that there are so many good English, American, and Australian TV shows and movies ready for you to download on Pagal World. You could also check out free platforms like Tune In Radio which has over 100,000 stations. Listen to sports news, music, chat shows, and daily news. And that reminds me, don’t forget the music! English songs can be a great way of learning new vocabulary you won’t find in the textbooks!

Practice in front of the Mirror!

English pronunciation can be tough, but it all comes down to your lips and tongue. Practicing speaking in the mirror is a great way of checking and practicing your pronunciation daily. Watch a video like this one for a great explanation and demonstration of hard to pronounce sounds, and then get in front of the mirror! Yes, you might feel a little silly when you start, but once you start seeing results!

Learn and Use At Least One New Word or Phrase Daily

This is an achievable task and easily integrated into a daily routine. When you are doing your daily reading, listening, or watching you may hear a new word, phrase, or idiom that you want to integrate into your already existing knowledge. Or you may already have an idea at the start of your day about the type of thing you want to focus on. Choose your word, phrase, or idiom and practice using it that day. Before you know it, it won’t be new anymore.

Keep a Record

Some people may be able to retain information simply by hearing and doing. But for most people, it’s important to have a written record of learning materials. So carry a notebook around withand make notes of new words, phrases, or grammar. This is also a great way of tracking your progress and keeping notes for review.

Whatever you choose to incorporate into your daily routine of language learning habits, make sure you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to stick with it. And if you stick with it, there is a danger that you will progress.

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