Factors One Should Consider While Going For An IAS Coaching Institute

Factors One Should Consider While Going For An IAS Coaching Institute

Indian Administrative Services is one of the prestigious All India Services. Many students dream of it, only a few aim for it. If being an IAS is your dream also, read on.
It takes patience, discipline, and hard work to succeed in one of India’s most challenging exams. To prepare for the civil service exam, aspirants consult mentors or enrol in coaching programmes. Whenever we search for the best IAS coaching institutes on a search engine, our feeds get flooded with institutes. Each boasts of its success rates, faculty’s experience, study material and coaching style. The Struggle to enrol in the best begins even before the UPSC hustle starts. We will tell you all you need to know before looking for an IAS Coaching .

Online or Offline

Post pandemic world is promoting online education for various socio-economic and geographical reasons. Many have adapted to this shift but some are stuck in the transition. Remember that your end goal is to qualify for UPSC. So you need to take this decision according to your comfort and learning style. For this decision, our advice is to ask yourself. Take a day and analyse what suits you.

Factors To Consider

• Teaching Faculty: Teaching faculty and their experience in the relevant field is the firstfactor and also the most important one. A well-informed and experienced faculty who understand the nature and demands on the exam can groom you better.

o Check the institute for the qualifications of the faculty, years of experience in this field and the guidance it provides.

• Batches & Timings: Check the batch strength (no. of students in a batch), Timings of the batches of the institute.

o Batch Strength: Lesser the quantity, More the quality. The teacher’s attention in the class to each student lessens with the increase in strength. The ideal batch strength is 60 -100. This might seem more to you but given the no. of applicants each year, UPSC Coaching Batch’s strength differ from others.

• Study Resources & Test Series: Ask about the study material if they provide updated and relevant content. If it is current affairs rich or notCurrent Affairs is a catalyst when it comes to scoring more in UPSC.

Inquire about the test series. Test series are a very important for both Prelims and Mains Examination. It is only practice that will increase your chances of cracking this exam. This will help you understand if they are thorough with the exam pattern and UPSC Syllabus. No matter what year you are planning for 2023, 2024 or later, the relevance of these resources and mock never decreases.

• Results & Students’ Review: Results speak for itself. They show the results of the efforts made on students. Talk to the students or check the reviews online. The honest feedback from an enrolled student can help you get a clear picture.

• Pocket-Friendly: Budget constraint is a big issue for many. Even if it isn’t you must compare if you’re getting a good institute in lesser money with the same quality. Check if all the relevant papers are included in the package.

o Ask if CSAT, Answer Writing, Test Series and Essay are included in it or not. Even the location of the institute can be coastly for you.

o If you are going for offline coaching, think about the dietary, daily commute, accommodation and other resources expense as well. If the institute is in a equipped neighbourhood that is cost effective. This will help you saving more.

• Teaching Infrastructure: The quality of infrastructure is related to the quality of education that you will receive. As it is directly related to your concentration. Bad infrastructure might distract you often leading to a disruption mid-class. For a good study environment, good infrastructure is a must.

Research on all these factors and make an informed decision. Not make a decision in haste. One wrong decision can make you lag behind thousands of applicants. Before enrolling, investigate thoroughly and see which institute serves you the best and seems most reliable, authentic and trust-worthy to you. Take a calculated and systematic approach and ace it.

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