Farmhouse Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

The farmhouse bathroom remodeling design ideas vary depending on the type of renovation you want to do to your bathroom. Bathrooms are important rooms in homes and should be given special attention when redecorating or renovating. 

The bathroom is where we start our day with a refreshing shower and end it with a relaxing bubble bath. It is one of the most used areas in the house which makes it necessary to notice all small details for it to feel like home.

  • A simple and casual look can be achieved through neutral colors such as cream, off-white, and light grey. This color palette will also make the space appear larger than what it is since darker colors tend to make an area look smaller while lighter colors tend to open it up. 
  • Lighting plays an important role in the farmhouse bathroom renovation. It sets the mood of the room and can either brighten or darken a room depending on where you place your ceiling lights. Flooring for this type of bathroom remodeling design idea is usually made of ceramic, which looks great when combined with wooden furniture.
  • A more sophisticated yet cozy look may be achieved using warm-toned colors, such as burgundy reds, golds, and rich greens. This color palette has a dramatic effect that will make your bathroom appear larger while making it feel calmer and more luxurious at the same time. 
  • Use curtains that cover full windows to let in natural light even if they are closed since windows tend to be smaller in this type of bathroom.
  • If you want to go all out, the farmhouse bathroom remodeling may include an attractive brick wall to add a rustic and charming aspect to the room. You could also accentuate the natural feel by using wooden flooring and bath furniture in dark colors such as brown or black. 
  • The use of wood is not just for the furniture but it can be used in walls and ceilings alike. Wooden planks glued together or nailed against each other create texture on walls while still keeping them smooth enough for bathrooms. 

To add contrast, paint the entire ceiling white so that shadows created by wood appear softer and blend well with one another. You can always hire bathroom remodeling companies to help you decide.

Know When to Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom can be a very rewarding experience. But, one should not just remodel for the heck of it or because someone else has done so. If you have a bathroom that is unpleasant to even step into, then yes, it is worth remodeling. 

However, if your bathroom is functioning well and looks good as it is, consider yourself lucky and leave it as such. You can always redecorate your bathroom by simply replacing appliances or accessories from time to time but if there are structural issues with the current design of the space avoid doing major renovations since most problems will still exist even after you finish remodeling.

All in all, knowing what you want from your new farmhouse bathroom remodeling design ideas and understanding what is involved in the process are some of the most important things to do before starting. This way you will be able to plan accordingly and avoid future financial problems due to poor planning.

This is the best time to contact bathroom remodeling experts and get sound advice especially when you’re not yet sure where to start with remodeling.

The Combination of Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

This is usually achieved by adding or removing certain elements to come up with a completely new look. The idea is not to demolish everything inside the room but rather, changing specific parts can give you great results.

So if your shower curtain rod looks old and broken down, invest in one that is made of metal since it has a sleek industrial look while still fitting well with the other rustic elements in the bathroom. 

If your sink taps are looking outdated, replace them with shiny chrome faucets which will make your bathroom appear cleaner and more modern without taking away the warmth factor from your home’s farmhouse style. There are many simple actions you can take to remodel your bathroom without the need of spending too much time and money.

There are plenty of bathroom renovation contractors that can offer you their services at affordable prices.

Remodeling Small Farmhouse Bathrooms

Farmhouse bathroom designs tend to be spacious enough since people living in such homes usually have large families and they also appreciate larger spaces. That being said, even these types of bathrooms can feel cramped if you are using the space inefficiently or if there is too much furniture that does not allow enough room for walking around.

So it is important to start with a fresh slate by giving away everything that does not fit into your new vision for this type of remodeling design idea. 

You could put all items in storage or give them away to charity so you do not have to worry about where to keep them later on. 

  • Once you have uncluttered the space, start with a new color scheme by painting all surfaces in light colors such as whites and pale shades of blue or green. 
  • If your bathroom is small, small farmhouse bathrooms remodeling design ideas might not be practical since it would require several coats of paint which could be expensive and also take up too much time.
  • If possible, choose a single wall that can act as a focal point for the entire room and then paint only that surface in one color and accentuate with accessories such as fresh flowers or paintings with matching colors. 

It is crucial to keep decoration minimal otherwise you will end up with an overcrowded look which will make the space appear even smaller than it is.

Should You Focus on Bathroom Furniture?

bathroom furniture is often overlooked but it can be such a great way to express your farmhouse style without spending too much money. Instead of choosing more expensive bathroom fixtures and accessories, go for wicker baskets instead which look rustic and chic. 

Use them as storage bins for storing dirty clothes or towels and clean up the mess that you might have stored on top of your bathroom dresser by putting everything in order.

If you do not like the idea of having wicker receptacles taking over space in your bathroom or sitting out on open shelves, simply attach one or two lengths of wooden plank onto the stone wall behind the toilet and use this as a towel holder which will give your bathroom some depth as well as hide any unsightly pipes coming out of the wall. 

If you do not like to use wooden planks for this purpose, glass shelves are also a great option especially if they have metal borders that are designed in an industrial type style.

Being More Adventurous With Your Farmhouse Bathroom Project

Even though the bathroom is seen as a place where you can relax and get away from it all, this does not mean that it has to look dull. If anything, relaxing in such a space means permitting yourself to enjoy your time alone whether by catching up on your favorite magazine or enjoying a long soak in the tub with candlelight and some nice music.

Make sure to invest in one or two large pieces of art which will add color and character to the walls while also making them appear larger than they are. 

Since most bathrooms do not have windows, adding something that draws attention such as wall art is just what this type of room needs so that it feels brighter and more farmhouse bathrooms can be incredibly cozy and welcoming given their rustic appeal but they are usually perceived as being very traditional which means that people will often try to modernize them by giving them contemporary farmhouse bathroom designs. 

The best way to achieve this look is by finding ways to blend old elements with new ones so you can preserve your beloved original bathroom fixtures while still bringing in some new design touches. Stay away from white tiles since it would be too cold and opt for cream or light grey instead in a matte finish to add a touch of elegance.

As far as farmhouse bathrooms in bathrooms go, this is one area where you can be a little adventurous with your design and choose colors that you would not normally use elsewhere in the house. 

However, if safety is paramount, make sure to take all necessary precautions when installing large mirrors especially if they are part of the shower or tub since it would be extremely dangerous for anyone to hit their head on them if they should slip and fall.

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