Flexible neon strip application scenarios

The flexible neon led strip is a professional linear lighting decoration product that can meet the application of led linear lighting products in various scenarios, especially in unique environments, extremely low or extremely high-temperature conditions, and long-term exposure to outdoor applications.

Compared with traditional neon lights, they can be bent arbitrarily. The arc-shaped multi-angle refraction is strengthened, waterproof, dust proof, anti-leakage, corrosion-resistant, simple in shape, small, and delicate. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Flexible silicone neon lights have the advantages of energy saving and durability and can be miniaturized in size. On the one hand, it can be used as ambient lighting, on the other hand as luminous decorative lighting or guiding functional lighting.

Since the earliest traditional neon lights have been used in the production of door signs and store signs in some bars and shops, which application scenarios are they more suitable for? Ledia Lighting flexible neon led strip brand manufacturers for everyone to subdivide!

Commercial Plaza

The flexible neon led strips on the street are the pulse of the times and the city. To attract the attention of passers-by in such a crowded space, restaurants, small shops, and department stores on both sides of the street have used neon signs as a tool to attract customers. And in competition with other shops, a bigger signboard was produced, so that some of them even became city landmarks. These neon lights are not only a popular landscape but also create a legacy and become a typical city symbol.

Internet Celebrity Shop

The decoration style of the most popular online celebrity shop is also decorated with flexible neon light strips. Let this flexible neon light strip decorate the modern online celebrity shop. The trendy elements make the unique style of the entire store extra charming. Generally, most of the groups who go to online celebrity shops are young people, and they have little understanding of lighting, such as silicone neon lights, so silicone neon lights are the most innovative and trendy style for this group of young people.

Variety Show

Wide varieties of shows often see flexible neon strips, such as the most popular “Electronic Music.” It has affected a large number of young people, that is because the public prefers this type of flexible neon led strips, which can usually be seen on some streets, so these factors were brought to “Electronic Music” in the light design of the entire stage, we can The element of flexible neon strips is particularly striking.

Specialty bar

Many bar owners have always liked to use silicone neon lights to decorate the bar or set up the scene, cool flexible neon light strips, cocktails, blue starry sky, warm and romantic nights, and the atmosphere of the bar scene instantly turned upside down. The glass reflects light and shadow, and the light penetrates the wine bottle, but the simple horizontal and vertical changes, enchanted by color, are completely different.


Today it is used in many areas of our lives. For example, the flexible neon light strip is installed on the chassis of the car, and the light emitted increases the safety of traffic. In the construction industry, neon lights make buildings colorful at night, attracting more people’s attention; the combination of flexible neon strip technology and art is also getting closer and closer.

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