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Well, everybody knows that pins are used to fasten two objects or materials together. There can be more than three. It depends on the material and type of pin. There are lots of different types of pins that are used for different purposes including spring pins. Cotter, clevis pins, safety pins, or more.

If you are a teenager and you went to school or university. You must need some pins to pin up your work. You may also use safety pins for your many other purposes. But do you ever think that you can customize your own type of attractive pin? Yes, it is possible with VOGRACE.

VOGRACE provides you with lots of products. Acrylic keychain, sticker, and more. Custom pis are also one of them. So in this blog, you’re going to get all the information related to custom pins from vograce. let’s check it out.

Custom Clear Acrylic Pins

These are the simplest and most common type of pins supplied by VOGRACE. They are simple and have simple technology used for making these quality types of pins. You can get different pin accessories for it. Those accessories include rubber clutches. Pins pin with clip and more.


Product Name Clear acrylic pin badge
Material Used I highly eco-friendly and transparent
MOQ 3 pcs
Technique  Single board and front side print board
Features  High-quality material. Waterproof print, durable and long-lasting
Accessories Include It accessories include pin, pin with clip, a magnet and clutch

Custom Round Button Pins

Here are the other most commonly used round shape clip. This clip or pin is used to have two objects together. There are lots of customization available for this. Those customizations include magnetic state holo broken glass. Holoheart effect and more. Size can also be customized from 25mm to 75 mm. Let’s check out the basic details.

Product Name Tinplate round button badge
Material Used Include glossy, magic start, grid texture, frosted and holographic
MOQ 5 pcs
Technique  Lamination technology is used
Features  Highly attractive include different customization, waterproof and long-lasting.
Accessories Include a Blastic bottom. With pin and bottom pin

Custom Heart Shape Button Pins

If you want something cool and attractive, you must have to buy these best quality heart-shaped custom button pins. These pins can be the best gift for your best friend, you can use them for function or make a beautiful present with them to make your friend happy. Now let’s have a look at its details

Product Name Custom Heart shape pins
Material Used Highly attractive and fully customized
MOQ 5 pieces with different designs
Technique  Lamination film and design customization
Features  They are thin and light at a low price.
Accessories Include Include a pin. Magnet and other attachments

Custom Natural Wood Pin Badges

If you are looking for something natural and classic you must have to buy these natural wood classic pins. These pins are used on different occasions. You can customize them according to your desire. They are made by using different types of natural woods. Let’s check out its basic details.

Product Name Custom natural wood pin badges
Material Used Natural wood or pine tree, red cherry tree, and more
MOQ 5 pcs of MOQ
Technique  4mm thickness and by sing handmade technique
Features  They are attractive and waterproof, highly attractive and natural
Accessories Include a pin, badge, and other wood customization

Custom Round Glitter Holographic Button Pin

Here we have something special and highly attractive. A beautiful glitter and holographic pin button. This pin custom is very famous among kids because of the color combination and glittery techniques used in these pins. Let’s check out the basic details.

Product Name Round holographic button pin
Material Used High-quality golden and sky silver start broken glass material with attractive lamination
MOQ 10 pcs for sample
Technique  lamination film. And bottom pin
Features  They are highly attractive and contain glitters,, they are shiny and highly adorable
Accessories Include 5 pins and other attachments

Custom Hard Enamel Pin

If you want something professional go for these high-quality hard enamel pins. These pins are used to appreciate the performance of workers. The quality is highly durable and hard. Professional colors and placating include. Let’s check out the details of these best quality pins

Product Name Enamel pin
Material Used Iron, zinc, alloy, brass, tin, titanium, gold, and more
MOQ 2pcs
Technique  Die coating m soft enamel epoxy and hard enamel
Features  They are highly attractive glitter and glow in dark quality
Accessories Include Accessories include badge, pins and other important material

Why only VOGRACE for these pins and badges

VOGRACE is the brand that provides you different type of cute and highly attractive mini things that include acrylic keychains stickers, pillows, custom stationery, notebooks and much more. You can order whatever you want to. There are lots of reasons that make you prefer VOGRACE rather than any other brand. The main reason is the quality of the product supplied by VOGRACE.

Frequently asked the question

How many types of pins are available at VOGRACE?

There are different types of pins available at grace. You can customize your own type of pin from this brand as well

What if there is a problem with my order?

You can replace your order within 30 days. You can provide us with all the information related to the problem so that VOGRACE can fix it

Can I customize the shape and size of the pins?

Yes, the customization is highly acceptable.

Final words

In this blog, you have got all the information related to the best quality pins supplies from VOGRACE. Now you can show your creativity by making different types of crafts and creating new notes by using these pins.

Pro tip: pin up your project notes with attractive flower pins to get good grades

Hopefully this article was helpful to get all the information related to best quality pins from VOGRACE. If you found this blog really helpful just put an order from VOGRACE.

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