Global Leader in AMRs: ForwardX Robotics

ForwardX is a global leader in vision-guided autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), providing end-to-end logistics solutions for all types of warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing on the shop floor, including material handling, picking, docking, storage management, and more.

Strong Technology Capabilities

ForwardX has filed 300+ patents and 130 international patents and has been granted 20+ US patents. ForwardX’s company comprises over 300 people, including 150 R&D engineers, more than 70% of whom have master’s degrees, and more than 10 doctorates and post-docs.

Smarter automation solutions: thanks to ForwardX AMRs

ForwardX Vision AMRs use autopilot-grade vision algorithms to realize the evolution of vision SLAM technology from 2D to 3D, reaching an upgrade from shape to semantics. On the one hand, this visual feature recognition is more accurate, detecting and continuously tracking multiple objects in the field of view and recognizing their attributes, allowing AMRs to follow beyond autonomous movement automatically.

On the other hand, AMRs can see more environmental characteristics and better adapt to the complex scenarios of logistics and warehousing. This greatly improves the stability and reliability of AMRs’ work.


Thanks to the continuous rapid development of the e-commerce industry and the digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, logistics mobile robots enjoy booming development. ForwardX is a driving force and participant in the steady development of the AMR industry. Visit their official website for more details about their products.

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