Grab the Best Plus Size Kaftans and Embrace Style!

What is a Kaftan?

Kaftans can be described as easy, airy, and comfortable, primarily ankle-length dresses distinguished by their long flowing sleeves. 

 Kaftans dated a long way back in history and were initially designed to be loose dresses that looked like long, buttoned-up robes, designed usually for men. The earliest trace of kaftans is found in the Middle East. These dresses mainly were silk or cotton and used to come with a sash or belt around the waist and elbow-length or longer sleeves.

 Those interested in kaftans should visit the Top kapi Palace in Istanbul to be mesmerized by the wide variety of kaftans that it houses. Most of the kaftans you will find in the palace are sewn in rich and opulent fabrics. This mainly signifies that the men who wore kaftans belong to the high class. 

 Like the Ottomans of Turkey, the privileged lot robed themselves in luxurious kaftans while they stayed inside or ventured outside for meetings, ceremonies, or other gatherings! 

 Furthermore, the kaftans were also quite valued as gift items offered to the important officials of the Ottoman Empire. They were usually conferred on important persons or the generals, who came out victorious in their battles during significant religious festivals and other important occasions.

 However, in the 19th century, things took a complete reverse turn, and kaftans became the garment for the more flawed society. Their kaftans around this time distinguished the poor and the shopkeepers.

 The Recent Rise of Kaftans

 The kaftans slowly receded into obscurity until recent years when they took a massive leap into popular fashion worldwide. These pieces of clothing have been a hot favourite lately as exclusive women wear and have suited them ever so well!

 We cannot say kaftans were out of fashion, but they were not that popular as they have recently been all across the globe.

 The most important thing to be noted about these garments is their versatile nature. They can fit a slim or someone healthy, they can be casual and formal wear and to top it off, they are incredibly comfortable no matter what the place is!

 Kaftans help ladies take pride in themselves own selves and refrain from being tomboys!

Plus size Kaftans and how to pair them well?

In case you are slim or if you require a plus-size garment, kaftans can be the only thing you can get quickly and will further ensure that you look good!

Plus, size kaftans are not only restful but beautifully drape your figure and enhance the overall look!

However, if you happen to choose one of the plus-size kaftans that you recently fell in love with, then here are some small things that you can consider to drape yourself in the best possible way while wearing your new kaftan:

  • Choose a kaftan that is a bit on the larger side – While choosing a kaftan, you must always go for the one that is a bit larger than your size. Kaftans are loose dresses that stay on top of your body as light as possible, and they look great that way!

  • Pick a kaftan that matches your skin tone – Kaftans are large and voluminous, and it is always best if you check the kaftan to your skin tone. You don’t want to be covered in an oddly colored kaftan!

  • Choosing the fabric – Be extremely careful while going for the material of your kaftan. They come in cotton, silk, and a range of different materials. Choose wisely and dress comfortably!

  • Tailored to your occasion – You can wear your kaftans to a range of events, and you should consider the experience and pick your kaftan!

kaftanbuzz Kaftans are always there for you, even if you want them to be plus-sized, but the choice of the fabric, color, and what you will wear with them is entirely yours!

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