Hashimoto’s Premium Precision Metal Stamping Techniques

For years, Hashimoto Precision has upheld its genetic legacy of craftsmanship in the precision metal stamping industry. This eye-opening experience has allowed us to make game-changing changes by providing greater service to our global customer base via a network of trusted supply chain partners.

Using these great management solutions, we provide our clients with the following benefits that constantly exceed their expectations:

Numerous Applications

Precision medical metal stamping plays a key role in creating several costly instruments and irreplaceable pieces of equipment that serve various industrial purposes. However, because of Hashimoto Precision’s huge production capability, we serve various industries by fulfilling their precision metal stamping needs with a high degree of knowledge.

We often collaborate with the automotive and medical sectors to create significant manufacturing enhancements to an existing strong firm with a glorious tradition of epic instruments and beautiful vehicle components.

-Automotive Parts and Accessories (Charging Pile Terminals, Bayonet Hardware, Automotive Terminals, Automobile Camera Gaskets, and much more).

-Medical Equipment (Gastrointestinal, Dosing Devices, Measuring Microscopes).

One-Stop Shopping

You should already be aware that Hashimoto Precision is an all-inclusive precision metal stamping service provider willing to go above and above to fulfill your customized requirements.

Furthermore, Hashimoto Precision is a one-stop shop with the unique ability to improve and modify traditional precision metal stamping procedures by leveraging its most current model and high-tech industrial production lines to give boundless creative possibilities.

This aspect of Hashimoto’s skills gives the biggest benefit to its customers, as they can discuss their production technique with industry-leading engineers and technical pioneers after their basic digital designs exhibition. Our technically knowledgeable executives may make insightful comments and write a brief design plan.

Novel Technologies

The manufacturing business often needs a comprehensive study of given measurement instructions. This is why Hashimoto Precision has gathered a massive collection of machine tools and equipment in its production laboratory, making the specific demands of tight tolerance levels and maximum accuracy an attainable goal with the right tools and tactics.


Hashimoto Precision is well-equipped with cutting-edge technical gadgets and manufacturing machine models that provide precision metal stamping accuracy of +/-0.00mm. If you have any queries about accurate metal stamping, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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