How can you select the best play school for your kid?

How can you select the best play school for your kid?

Having a child is one of the biggest blessings of being a parent. Every parent would desire for their child to have the best education, whether it is a soft toy, a dress, or the best school. In India, there are many Play Schools, making selecting the best one for your child a difficult task. Play Schools are the first step of learning for any child, and it holds great significance in building their foundation. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect play school in India to start your child’s educational journey, it is never wise to make forced decisions or compromises. Choosing the right playschool became as important as picking a business school over time as research shows the positive effects of early education on social and academic development. It is recommended as a supplement to home learning because it encourages exploration and discovery of the various areas of development.

Tips to choose the best play school for your kid:

  • Keep your child in consideration: Considering your child first will lead you to discover what kind of environment makes them thrive. What causes them to become anxious, excited, or uncomfortable? Should they be allowed more structure or more freedom? Should they be given more opportunities to move, jump, and run, or do they need to be given more time for quiet creative thinking? Taking into consideration your child’s preferences can help you identify schools that meet your child’s specific needs and avoid the ones that don’t.
  • Get an idea about teachers in that playschool: Watch the teachers when they are at work so you can notice how they are connecting with the students. Try to spot someone warm and enthusiastic about teaching, not just standing just behind the table playing lifeguard, but getting down to look the kids in the eye. Think about your own child’s personality, and observe how the teacher approaches them. Remember that a teacher you might have fun hanging out with is also a good teacher for your child.
  • Look for the right environment: You should be able to see how children play in the classroom and school as you look around. Materials that children can access and tuck away should be readily available. I would have a problem with environments that appear too perfect. If you are seated on the floor or low to the ground, sit there and look at the environment through the eyes of your child. Are items easy to reach? Is the furniture and décor in the room oriented toward a child’s view or a parent’s?
  • The location should be kept in mind: You wouldn’t want your commute to be twice daily for preschool drop off and pick up, as parents, but you would do anything for your children. The location of your child’s preschool shouldn’t be based solely on selfish considerations. Because having friends is one of the most important things your child will learn in preschool, you should choose a school where you can hang out with your child’s friends.

Choose the best magnet school in India, when it comes to finding the best play school for your child, as their association & guidance will help you a lot. 

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