How I passed my TOGAF 9.2 Exam

How I passed my TOGAF 9.2 Exam

Enterprise architectural approach The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a high-level framework for enterprise software development that is based on the Open Group Architecture Framework.

Because the TOGAF Standard covers a wide variety of subjects, earning the TOGAF certification is beneficial for creating a comprehensive knowledge base in the field of Enterprise Architecture. Learning and understanding the subject will enhance your career and enable you to align with the vast majority of Enterprise Architects you will encounter.

It is crucial to be aware that if you operate in an Agile setting, your software may seem to be out of date. I have heard reports of another version being developed that would solve these specific issues, however for the time being they are simply rumours at this point. Now, let’s take this subject a step further.

Prepare yourself for success by doing the following:

  • As the test date approaches, it is important to place oneself in a comparable situation as possible.
  • Try to locate a peaceful space, such as one in a library, where you may be alone with your thoughts.
  • The greater the degree to which you can simulate the test atmosphere, the less stress you will experience on the day of the exam due to the surroundings.

Keeping track of your time

Maintaining control over your time is critical, as you need to be aware of how long it will take you to finish the test as well as how much time it will take you to evaluate your highlighted questions before submitting a final submission.

Part 1 of the TOGAF  Certification test consists of 40 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 60 minutes. Each question is worth 1 point, and you must get 22 points out of 40 to pass.

Section two of the test provides 90 minutes for eight multiple choice scenario questions; these questions contain many words and a lot of content that you must ignore; however, rather than receiving a single pass or fail, the questions are given a weight, with the most correct answer receiving 5 points, the next 3 points, then 1 point, and finally the distractor receiving 0 points; in order to pass, you must have received at least 24 points out of 40 points.

  • When taking the test, make sure that you allow yourself adequate time to go over the questions that you marked as problematic.
  • I allotted myself 20 minutes each section, but you may need more or less time to complete your study depending on your needs.
  • You must first determine how much time you will take and then ensure you give yourself adequate time to complete your task.

Keep this in mind:

  • You may find that the difficulty of the questions you encounter during the test varies from person to person.
  • If you know that Part 2 of the test will be more challenging than Part 1, don’t allow yourself too little time to prepare for it.
  • Do not allow yourself to feel overwhelmed; instead, concentrate on answering the questions to the best of your ability by Sprintzeal.

Begin by deleting any answers that you are certain are erroneous.

Make sure you read the questions through many times to understand what they are attempting to test you on, and then if you are still unsure, make an informed estimate based on your previous experience.

  • Make sure you mark the question as a reminder to return to it later and revise the response you first supplied.
  • You will be able to gauge your progress based on the number of responses that have been labelled as incorrect.
  • Answers that are not highlighted do not need you to return and re-evaluate since you will be confident in the answer or answers that you picked.
  • Making use of this information will assist you in time management for completing and evaluating your test prior to submitting your final submission

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