How to Choose a Mushroom Grow Light

Good light is not only necessary for farmers to work in the dark environment where mushrooms grow, but also for better shape and color of mushroom growth. In this article, we will talk about how to choose mushroom grow light.

In what light conditions do mushrooms grow?

The reality of mushrooms is that they don’t need darkness to grow. Good lighting for mushroom growth is important for working in this highly aggressive environment. It has to work in an environment clean with 98% humidity, steam and chemical processes, and high-pressure water jets.

How to choose mushroom grow light?

Light intensity and heat should be the main considerations when choosing to grow lights for mushrooms. Ideally, mushrooms work best in warm light near the blue end of the spectrum, such as “daylight” fluorescent tubes that emit light in the 6,000–7,000 Kelvin range. Also, it is generally recommended to avoid incandescent bulbs for growing mushrooms of any kind.

However, many growers report sprouting healthy, mature mushrooms using only natural or ambient light. The mycelium seems to need only a little light to sprout upwards. Positioning your terrarium or planting kit in a location with healthy indirect sunlight or indoor lighting should be good enough. Many growers believe that indirect sunlight from windows is the best light source for growing mushrooms.


Hontech Wins grow lights are specifically designed to simulate sunlight (or other forms of artificial light) in a controlled environment, which is why they are so important for mushroom growth. Do some research to find the perfect light for your needs!

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