How to learn English by smartphone?

How to learn English by smartphone?

In addition to making calls, accessing the internet, sending messages and taking pictures, you can learn English on your smartphone. An easy and fast way for you to learn a new language, after all, you can have access during breaks from your classes, work or even on a bus trip. But how to learn English by smartphone?


Both Android and iOS-based smartphones have several apps for you to learn English. Programs range from free and paid and you can find it on iTunes or Google Play and install it on your device to start learning.

Among the most common are:

  • Bussu: has a vocabulary with more than 3,000 example sentences and words, interactive tests and audio resources. Available to download for free or in paid version, for both iPhone and Android;
  • Interactive English: is a free app for Android that focuses on teaching grammar, reading, vocabulary and writing;
  • Babbel: is a free app for Android and iPhone that has voice recognition for pronunciation exercises, intelligent revision system and advanced and basic vocabularies;
  • English Class: available in paid or free version, with written and audio content. It has exercises for you to test your learning level;
  •  Voxy: with versions for Android and iPhones, it contains several lessons that go from basic to advanced level and even a real-time translation tool.

Now that you know how to learn English on your smartphone? How about downloading a program and getting ready for the World Cup?

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