Ideas that change business industries in 2022

Business ideas could be different. We will mix the technology and offline reality ideas that you should care about in 2022.

Live streaming

If you love streaming and showing your life online, then Twitch is the best in this case. Don’t sleep on this platform – Amazon’s investors bought the company a few years ago and it tripled in price. As of now, there are around 500+ million viewers every month that are eager to consume the content. That’s why you should sleep on this platform. Start with the simple strategy – buy viewers for Twitch, stick to the live stream schedule and engage with the fans.

Making room clocks

A room clock is such an item that everyone can make today. It is not required to collect everything by screw. In online stores, you can easily find not only blanks for decorating watches, but also ready-made watch mechanisms. Some non-standard ideas from wood are created even without a CNC and a cutter – using a set of hand tools: a saw, a screwdriver, a hammer, pliers, and so on. Experiments with watches and time truly have no limits, so you can always find an idea that no one else has, or borrow some kind of trend concept .

Growing succulents

Succulents are not a bad idea for a small home business. Succulents are unpretentious, do not take up much space, and can also go without water for a whole month, which makes it convenient to deliver them by mail over long distances. You can start growing succulents at home by equipping a corner of the house or a room for a greenhouse, and in the future by equipping a greenhouse. With all the pluses, succulents grow quite expensively, and for small sizes, even visually, the buyer is not ready to pay dearly. 

Therefore, the more teenage succulents you have, the better, and you can sell them more expensive thanks to flower arrangements. You can sell through Instagram, filling your account with interesting content on the topic and using the paid promotion methods offered by this social network. Succulents, like most houseplants, are best sold in spring and autumn, sales decline in summer during the holidays.

Natural products 

A healthy lifestyle is in trend, so the demand for natural food is growing every day. If you decide to open a family business and are looking for the most promising lines of business, grow organic vegetables and fruits, raise poultry or cattle, fish farming and more. Natural products are goods with a short shelf life. 

They do not contain preservatives or any other chemical additives, so they spoil quickly. If you want to implement this small business idea with minimal investment in a small town, you need to take care of the markets. 

Organic vegetables should reach stores directly from the garden, and meat should be delivered to consumers 2-3 hours after slaughter. If you can’t find bulk buyers, try selling products online at a pre-order home delivery store. 


In the lives of people who are engaged in sewing, knitting, pottery and other manual work, sooner or later there comes a moment when all family members are sheathed and tied, the house is filled with furniture, and the cabinets in the kitchen are full of original dishes. 

If the desire to create is not appeased, it means that the time has come to turn your hobby into a source of income. Handmade is a fairly promising area for small businesses. People who decide to devote themselves to art can carry out private orders, create educational projects, or produce a product and sell it in an online store.

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