Instagram marketing tips you should use in 2022

According to the latest data, the monthly audience of Instagram in the EU is 150+ million users. In terms of traffic on Instagram, the EU ranks second in the world after the United States – and it is obvious that businesses should use the opportunities of this social network to the fullest.  In this article, we have collected the best Instagram promotion methods and techniques that will help you attract more followers, how to buy Instagram views and stimulate the growth of your profile.


When a follower opens your Instagram account, you only have three seconds to get their attention. The first impression is decisive, so making your profile cool is essential.

Unique style

A visually complete account is immediately remembered and distinguishes you from competitors of the same type. When publishing photos, use a single filter and a harmonious color palette. A good solution is to involve a designer to develop a corporate identity and visual elements of the profile.


On the avatar — the brand logo or an emotional face if we are promoting a personal account. Text – 1-2 words, simple and memorable, without numbers, causing interest and emotions. The profile header should reflect who you are and for whom, USP, an active link to the site and the address bar.


The “Relevant” block will quickly orient subscribers in content categories and help them choose the most interesting. Highlights should include your reviews, contacts, products and videos. In general, the structure of the block depends on the subject of your project.  Highlights are designed in accordance with the general visual concept.


Filters and presets make your photos look better and create a coherent visual impression of your account. Don’t use many different filters, stop at one.

Popular photo editing apps:

  • VSCO
  • Enlight
  • Font Candy
  • Snapseed

Stand out

Attract exactly those who should buy – to do this, clearly indicate who you are and for whom. If you sell furniture, memes or photos of dishes will be inappropriate. Do you have a flower shop? Posts should be focused on this topic. All publications must maintain the correct image and meet the promotional goals.

Content plan

A content plan helps you understand what you will be writing about and plan your publication dates. Divide content into entertaining, useful, reputational, selling and engaging. Don’t forget to think about post categories.

Quality content

No matter how much you advertise, without good content, everything will be in vain. Photos, videos and texts are what will “warm up” the audience and help them buy from you. Do you want a lot of subscribers in love with your brand? Ask yourself what “hurts” customers and why they need your product. And make content just for them.

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