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Mate, Have You Tried These Special Australian Cakes?

The best part about adulthood is, you can get a cake anytime! You don’t need to sit and wait for a special occasion to appease your sweet tooth with some good, old cake. And, with the same day cake delivery services, you can gorge on some super popular Australian cakes right away.

After all, no time is a bad time for some cake, because you know what they say – it’s someone’s birthday somewhere!

Australian Cake Flavors that You Can’t Miss Out On!

Never pass up on the classics because they bring you the heart and soul of that specific place in every spoon. Get one for your birthday party or otherwise, and eat your heart out!

Let’s drop the spotlight on Australia’s favourite cakes of all time!

1.     Pavlova

Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to gorge on a Pavlova! It’s the quintessential Australian dessert, named after a famous Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

Pavlova is made with delicate meringue that feels soft as a marshmallow on the inside and offers crispy crust on the outside. Served with a dollop of sweet whipped cream and delectable fresh fruits, this dessert is a dream for all fruit lovers.

The sweetness of meringue goes perfectly in sync with the sweet and sour pop of the berries, which usually go on the top of the cake.

2.     Lamington

Lamington is one of the most famous Australian cakes well-liked around the world! It’s even termed the ‘national cake of Australia!’

It’s a soft sponge cake covered in sinfully tasty chocolate and wrapped in finely chopped dried coconut.

It’s believed that the cake was an accidental creation when Lord Lamington’s maid goofed up, dropping his favourite cake in melted chocolate. Lamington, Queensland’s 8th governor, suggested the cake be sprinkled with coconut to avoid messy fingers while eating.

Who would have known this accidental cake would become such a huge success?

What makes it so popular in Australia is its easy survivability rate. Even in the toughest of Australian summer heat, the tiny square-sized bites of the cake last pretty long.

Today, several other versions of the lamington exist, which Aussies equally love. From double chocolate lamingtons to jam and cream lamingtons – every Lamington variation is worth a shot!

Fun fact: The world’s largest lamington weighed 2,361 kilograms and earned a Guinness World Record! It was made by the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and a local bakery named Quality Desserts in 2011.

3.     Apple Cake

Australia produces a great variety of Apples. It’s one of the essential crops here!

No wonder then, apple cake is a massive hit amongst the Australian population. The classic apple cake makes the best of tart apples, sweet apples or sometimes, both.

The sponge cake is combined with diced or sliced apples dipped in lemon juice, zest and cinnamon. Post baking, the cake is sprinkled with icing sugar or cinnamon and adorned with currants, raisins, sultanas and walnuts.

It has a rich, unforgettable taste that you will run back to quite often!


Wrapping Up

The cake is a universal language of love and light. It’s perfect for any celebration and ideally serves as a peace offering, too!

Today, you can get the same day cake delivery, thus fulfilling all of your sweet cravings at a moment’s notice. So, there is simply no reason not to plan a mini cake feast and try out these famous Australian cakes.

Who knows, an apple cake a day might keep the doctor away, too?

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