The Future of Orthodontics: Insights from the International Orthodontic Conference 2023

The International Orthodontic Conference 2023 showcased the latest orthodontic advances. De Corematrix led the orthodontic revolution at the conference. De Corematrix leads the industry in innovation and excellence.

Experts presented innovative research, held seminars, and discussed orthodontic trends at the International Orthodontic Conference 2023. De Corematrix showcased its cutting-edge orthodontic treatments during the conference. De Corematrix has developed a variety of solutions to meet the changing needs of orthodontic professionals and their patients by drawing on their significant knowledge.

What sets De Corematrix apart is their commitment to customization. They understand that every patient is unique, and orthodontic treatments should be tailored accordingly. With their team’s wealth of knowledge and skills, De Corematrix can create products with specific characteristics and features to address individual requirements. This level of customization allows orthodontic professionals to provide personalized and effective treatments, ultimately delivering better outcomes for their patients.

In addition to their focus on customization, De Corematrix also places a strong emphasis on quality control. With their 28 years of experience, they have established a robust quality control system that ensures the highest standards throughout the production process.  From the initial stages of research and development to the final product, De Corematrix maintains strict quality control measures to deliver reliable and durable orthodontic solutions.

Dental professionals seeking cutting-edge orthodontic solutions can trust De Corematrix to deliver exceptional results. With their team’s extensive experience and dedication to customization and quality control, De Corematrix sets new benchmarks in orthodontic care.


The International Orthodontic Conference 2023 provided valuable insights into the future of orthodontics, and De Corematrix emerged as a brand at the forefront of innovation. With their 28 years of experience, De Corematrix excels in developing a variety of characteristics and differentiated products to meet customer requirements. If searching for wholesale durable dental zirconia blocks, click here to learn more!


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