Things to Know About Empty Sardine Cans

Things to Know About Empty Sardine Cans

Canlid makes its empty sardine cans from tinplate, a fantastic material for food preservation. We also offer a range of sizes for our empty cans to meet the needs of different customers. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to seal empty sardine cans with Canlid and sardines.

Sardine cans made of tinplate

Tinplate is a material made by heating metal sheets to extremely hot temperatures and then molding them into any shape. Tinplate is widely used to make containers for things like cans, cartons, and other things. Tinplate packaging materials, which are effective gas barriers, moisture resistance, light shading, taste retention, and dependable sealing, can safeguard food.

Using empty cans to pack sardines

By repurposing an empty sardine can, sardines can be packaged in an eco-friendly way. These three recommendations

  1. The tinplate must be examined to ensure it conforms to the requirements before cutting. The jar must also be thoroughly cleaned before use.
  2. Use a hot glue gun or another material to close the jar’s opening. Make sure to properly close off the hole to prevent air from escaping during shipping and storage.
  3. After plating and packing, sardine cans can be stored.


Empty sardine cans are an excellent choice for customers searching for inexpensive packaging. In addition to their spectacular appearance, they also protect the contents from harm and infection. Utilizing empty sardine cans is another environmentally responsible and sustainable technique of food packing. If you are interested in purchasing these empty cans, kindly get in touch with Canlid right away.

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