Top 10 Manhwa Websites for you to read all the time

Top 10 Manhwa Websites for you to read all the time

Manhwa is a word that refers to Korean comic books in general. Manhwa is greatly influenced by Japanese manga, therefore the graphics and effects are similar to manga in the early phases. However, when the webtoon (Korean internet comics) industry grew, the paid manhwa industry grew as well.

Manhwa, like Korean films, is characterized by dramatic and romantic elements. The story’s emotional circuit, in particular, is well-balanced and perfect.

Many remarkable works have been produced in recent years by manhwa authors who have concentrated on exploiting the theme of BL (Boy love). For example, Killing Stalking, a manga series dedicated to manhwa, stands out and has a strong following among Fujoshi (funny) fans. In all of today’s most popular Korean manhwas, the narrative of Sign Language is regarded as the “sweet to the teeth” passionate manhwa.

Here are the best Manhwa websites of all time for you to enjoy.

  1. Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus, a comics romance, was created by Rachel Smythe of New Zealand. The comic depicts the Greek goddess’s relationship with the gods Persephone and Hades in the present day. It began appearing weekly on WEBTOON in March 2018. With 299 million views in January 2020 and 4.1 million subscribers in August 2020, Lore Olympus is presently the most popular manga on the platform.

This fantasy webtoon series is highly influenced by Greek mythology, which takes place in a modern world similar to our own. Lor Olympus has established its niche by focusing on deep emotions and familial ties on the well-known comics platform Lore Olympus is also available on the Webtoon app, with new chapters released every Sunday.

  1. I Love Yoo

Yoo Shin Ae is a young woman who has suffered from pain and misery since she was a youngster and has determined that she no longer wants to be associated with anybody. Shin Ae’s life begins to change when she inadvertently destroys a stranger’s clothing. Shin Ae’s life begins to change when she accidentally damages a stranger’s clothing. Will Shin Ae revert to her previous life of boredom, or will she evolve?

Because I Love Yoo is now on break, you’ll have plenty of time to start reading it and catch up. Shin Ae, the protagonist, has challenges in his life; yet, are new and bothersome individuals in her life exactly what she needs? I Love Yoo is a fantastic manhwa with a strong character class and writing style that is easy to read.

  1. Cheese in The Trap

Cheese in the Trap – adapted from the famous animated film of the same name by author Soonkki released in 2010 through the online portal Naver, attracting a large number of readers in Korea and internationally. The first print edition was released two years later. The content of the series is about a poor girl named Hong Seol who returns to school after a year of confinement. However, the study goal that Hong Seol pursues has completely changed when she encounters senior Yoo Jung – a rich, handsome male student, the idol of all the girls in the school, and has high academic achievements excellent set. Yoo Jung’s strange clinging ability and willingness to publicize his feelings made Hong Seol many headaches and deadlocks in how to handle them.

Another plus worth mentioning is that Cheese in the Trap is not a mental poison for the audience. The film is simple, humorous, and draws the audience’s tears because it is touched by the sincere love of the handsome prince with the poor girl, not by the wet crying and tragic separation between the main couple, which is typical of the Korean small screen. 

  1. Dead Days

The outbreak of the zombie virus lasted four days. Yeo Jingook is a guy who spent four days locked in a room. Yeo has had nightmares of zombies ruining his life, and those horrors have finally come real. Jingook, who is imprisoned in this post-apocalyptic situation, must devise a plan to escape the zombies and the other survivors.

Day of Death takes an unusual approach to the zombie apocalypse story scenario. I won’t get into the nasty, gruesome specifics, but this manhwa has a high-tension like manhua, weighty narrative that pervades every page. Images (art) are equally fascinating and add to the whole experience.

  1. The Gamer

An Jee-Han, the main character of The Gamer, was originally just an ordinary high school student like many of his friends. Then one day, he suddenly discovered that he had a strange ability – an ability that made him feel like a character in a game, and the world accordingly became a game world. He could see the levels, stats, names on each person’s head, or even individual items. As for himself, he belongs to The Gamer class, with a very special ability: learn new skills, have a health pot, have a mana pot, level up, and add stats to his liking. For Jee-Han, going to the market to help her mother also became a task, and studying hard also increased her Int. Then one day, his life changed completely when he was dragged into a battle between two very high-level strangers. Jee-han understands that if he wants to survive, he will have to work hard to practice his skills, level up, and think carefully and carefully about his moves when now his life is also the life of a young man. game character. The Gamer with new content and a world that is both familiar and strange will surely attract readers who follow Jee-Han’s every step, from the time he was just a beginner to an advanced level. , beat the boss.

  1. DICE

Dong Tae is stupid, weak, and awful at everything since his fate since birth has been for him to be incompetent, weak, and bad at everything. Dong Tea is frequently tormented by her friends since her looks are not equivalent to anybody else’s, and she only knows how to surreptitiously observe the girl she likes while screaming about life’s injustices. However, he is allowed to change his life’s destiny when he meets Tea Bin, a person who is opposed to him in every manner, and who claims that fate can be changed only via one kid dice.

The narrative is gloomy and manufactured from the primary notion of human intrinsic abilities and anxieties, but the themes deepen as the series progresses. The visual art is also a big plus for this series as it enhances the awesomeness of the matches in particular and the DICE world in general.

  1. Noblesse

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel is a vampire of aristocratic descent who awakens after a long sleep of 820 years to find himself in modern Korea. He begins a new life as a student, attending the high school founded by his loyal servant, Frankenstein. However, the peaceful time participating in the class was short-lived when a mysterious group known as the Alliance began to threaten Rai and the others.

If you’re a fan of supernatural novel updates, you’ll love Noblesse! From the very beginning, we gave a real taste of the gritty underworld in this universe, which included various supernatural entities, especially the vampire himself, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. Noblesse is very popular and even has an animated short based on the early events of Manhwa.

  1. Kubera

The plot begins as a typical fantasy story, with Kubera Leez embarking on a voyage of survival and vengeance after her town is destroyed in an instant. But it quickly turns out to be a that brings together a diverse ensemble of individuals, each with their mysterious past, goals, and ideals, but all linked across decades and races by a tangled web of friendship, family, and deception.

The novel gradually discloses the events that occurred over numerous ages, over multiple planets and even worlds, via them. Whether it’s to protect or reconnect with loved ones, seek revenge, redeem oneself, or save one’s dying species, each character, from humans to strong Sura to immortal gods, is after the holder of the “Power of the Name.”

  1. Unrequited Love Skill

Yuna is a lesbian who has an unrequited crush on Da-Hye, her best friend of over 10 years. Da-Hye is straight, although she has never truly dated a man: this is partly because all of Da-crushes Hye’s crushes have fallen for Yuna for some reason! Yuna feels lucky to have preserved their relationship after all this time, but love without commitment can only take you so far. Yuna is about to transition from unrequited to discovered love, thanks to the sudden entrance of Joo-young, a lesbian acquaintance who is now dating, and Joy, president of a lesbian-run firm she met in New York. Dahye’s heart begins to shift as he gazes at Yuna.

  1. Wind Breaker

It’s a fully average narrative situated in the actual world, with everyday people, schools, and society. Initially, I thought that a manhwa would be a pretty typical and uninteresting genre, but the author is a master at crafting a tale with depth and care. In this series, no detail is overlooked, and each chapter leaves you wanting more.

Wind Breaker begins as a true sports manhwa with tense and exhilarating street bike races, but there’s so much more to the narrative than just the bike. From the terminology for bicycle parts to racing techniques to basic road manners. But when reading we don’t feel like we’re being presented, the characters do a great job of sharing knowledge. This term comes so naturally that it never feels forced tie.

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