Top 6 Different Types of Men’s Sexy Underwear

Top 6 Different Types of Men’s Sexy Underwear

Sexy lingerie is meant not only for women but also for men. Sexy loungewear for men can offer ultimate support, comfortable for work, play, and rest. You need to shop for different types of men’s sexy underwear. The purchased product should give you an exceptional fit, support, and superb comfort. There is a particular style of attractive and comfortable men’s underwear for every day, every activity, and occasion.

Previously, men’s underwear was limited to significantly fewer styles; they were boxers and briefs. There are different types of men’s underwear designed to suit your everyday activities in recent times. There are six different types of sexy men’s underwear that every man will surely love. Have a glance:


Most men use these briefs, and they will have a few briefs in their wardrobe. These are considered for your everyday use, and they are apt for light sports days and for stepping out of the door. These briefs come in different designs, sizes, and colours. Briefs can cover your buttocks and package, but they cannot protect your thighs or legs. These are considered the most comfortable briefs, and you can wear any outfit on them. Brief variant underwear comes in low, medium, and high-rise cuts that help you feel relaxed.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are the advanced version of briefs underwear. A classic boxer brief underwear is a mid-rise design that comes down and covers half of your thighs. There is a difference in every brand, and some boxer briefs can cover up to one-third of your thigh. These can also give you the same support and comfort as briefs, and additionally, these give you complete coverage. These are also absolutely fine for everyday use as they are designed with comfortable fabric like spandex and cotton.


Trunks for men are the most popular option in men’s underwear. If you are fed up with using briefs and boxer briefs, and if you want to try something unique or different, try these trunks. These are designed with a square cut brief that is not the same as boxer briefs. These have become the most popular option for extra support and enough coverage and can also be used for casual wear. These are not the best choice for playing sports.


This jockstrap underwear is also known as athletic underwear, a jock, or a posing pouch that can support and protect the front side but doesn’t have the fabric backside. These are also known as bike jockeys as they are highly suitable to ride bikes over rough roads. This jockstrap underwear has an elastic waistband, and a classic jockstrap has a pouch to insert a cup made with impact-resistant plastic. Men can insert the cup into the underwear to have some extra protection during sports.


G-strings are designed with less coverage of men’s underwear. This type of underwear comes with a thin fabric that joins a pouch to the waistband, and the buttocks are left completely exposed. G-string underwear is the preferable choice for those men who feel uncomfortable under tight-fitting jeans.

Bikini Briefs

Most of the men’s bikini briefs are designed without waistbands; these are a perfect choice and are mainly used for sunbathing and are not suitable for activities. Bikini brief underwear has a bit more material compared to a jockstrap.


If you are using regular brief underwear and are not aware of other types, consider buying the best piece of men’s sexy underwear online. You will have a clear idea about the different variants of men’s underwear listed above. You can browse for a wide range of collections.

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