Unique Platform Created by Megi Kavtaradze

Unique Platform Created by Megi Kavtaradze. Thousands of Students Have a Chance to Contribute to the Field of Robotics and AI—And Leave Their Mark

According to estimates, the global robotics market is expected to reach US$210 billion by 2025. Every day is a day of technological breakthroughs and advancements that are reshaping the AI landscape and enabling users to enter a ‘smarter’ and ‘better’ tomorrow.

If you’re an AI and robotics enthusiast who is looking to publish your own papers, engage in insightful conversations about advancements within the robotics field, or simply connect with like-minded tech-lovers, there’s good news for you.

The CEO of Destiny Robotics, Megi Kavtaradze, has built a unique platform—Destiny Research—for robotics researchers looking to advance their careers and improve their knowledge. Megi’s contribution to the field of robotics has a high impact on younger generations and the future of science.

About Destiny Research

The Destiny Research platform can be thought of as the experimental playing field for young and avid AI interns as well as students who wish to contribute to the development of AI and Robotics.

An integral component of the Destiny Robotics website, this intuitive and collaborative platform is home to hundreds of educative, informative, and well-researched papers written by motivated robotics researchers and enthusiasts.

Everyone understands that publishing papers is not a small or easy task. Students typically need to wait for a long period of time for approvals to come through or have to pay through their nose throughout different times of the publishing process. This is where Destiny Research can help.

By empowering contributors to actively send in their research, the platform will help build a community of tech-lovers who are seen promoting and encouraging each other to drive innovation. Moreover, the interns can get a chance to intern with Destiny Robotics and learn on the field.

What Makes Destiny Research Unique?

There are multiple reasons why the platform Destiny Research is unlike any other platform out there.

One, it is a not-for-profit initiative that’s custom-built for young learners and contributors.

Two, students get to write and publish their papers on the platform, garnering knowledge and respect from the scientific community and their fellow learners.

Three, the platform is the result of a joint effort between the interns at the company and the Destiny Robotics team at large. Partnering with the platform can open up avenues of knowledge, skill development, and research for robotics and AI enthusiasts.

Four, the platform has an active contributor base of 100+ applicants and counting. Over time, Megi aspires the platform to become a credible source of information for AI, robotics, automation, and every other kind of emerging technology imaginable.

About Destiny Robotics

Destiny Robotics is an AI and Robotics company that is working towards building the world’s first humanoid robot assistant for household use. The brand aims to revolutionize and disrupt the estimated $189 billion robotics market.

The socially-intelligent humanoid robot will ultimately cater to the ubiquitous issue of loneliness and social isolation, which was exacerbated by COVID-19. With data estimating that around 43% of adults and 80% of children are experiencing loneliness and struggling with mental issues, this line of work can potentially change the course of human-robot interactions as we know it and leave a positive impact for good.

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