Unleashing Performance and Reliability: YANSEN’s Industrial Embedded SSD Solutions

YANSEN, a trusted name in storage solutions, offers a range of exceptional Industrial Embedded SSDs that redefine performance and reliability. Designed specifically for industrial applications, these solid-state drives (SSDs) enable seamless integration into embedded systems, revolutionizing data storage capabilities. With remarkable read and write speeds, as well as the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, YANSEN’s Industrial Embedded SSDs provide the ideal solution for demanding industrial environments.

YSNN5M3: Lightning-Fast Data Transfer
The YSNN5M3 Industrial Embedded SSD delivers unmatched speed with maximum read and write speeds of 3500/3200 MB/s and 320K IOPS, respectively. This ensures lightning-fast data transfer, allowing for quick access to critical information. Whether it’s processing large datasets or handling real-time workloads, the YSNN5M3 streamlines operations, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Extreme Temperature Durability
YANSEN’s Industrial Embedded SSDs are built to withstand extreme temperature conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The YSNN5M3 operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 75℃ and -40℃ to 85℃. This exceptional heat and cold resistance allow industries to operate in various challenging environments without compromising on storage performance.

Data Integrity and Protection
YANSEN’s Industrial Embedded SSDs prioritize data integrity through advanced error detection and correction (ECC) functions and full End-to-end Data Path Protection. The YSNN5M3 ensures that data remains intact during transmission, even in demanding industrial settings. This reliable data protection mechanism provides peace of mind to industries that heavily rely on the accuracy and security of their stored information.

YANSEN’s Industrial Embedded SSD Solutions redefine the capabilities of storage in industrial applications. The YSNN5M3, with its lightning-fast data transfer speeds and extreme temperature durability, offers unmatched performance and reliability. With sophisticated ECC functions and full End-to-end Data Path Protection, data integrity is guaranteed. Trust YANSEN’s Industrial Embedded SSDs to optimize storage capabilities in demanding industrial environments, ensuring seamless operations and heightened productivity. Unlock the power of high-performance storage with YANSEN.


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