What are the features offered by tablets?

What are the features offered by tablets?

Tablets are becoming more and more popular, also with the features that it has, catch the attention of many buyers. But these mobile devices are not just attracting the attention of adults, they are increasingly reaching all age groups, including children. But what are the features offered by tablets? 

This device, which is shaped like a clipboard, is thin and light. Before they came with a special pen to touch the screen, today, however, tablets have a very sensitive touch screen that can be either LED or LCD. The size of this device can vary between six to nine inches and brings powerful processors, thus optimizing performance and facilitating its use.

Among the features offered by the tablet are: viewing photos and videos, internet access (via 3G and Wi-Fi), GPS, bluetooth, reading magazines and books in digital format, large internal storage capacity for files and cameras front and rear for taking pictures and recording videos.

Devices that run iOS and Android are dominating the tablet market, as they have different applications of all types, making life easier for users and offering entertainment with a wide range of games.

Now that you know what features are offered by tablets , run to a store and buy yours now.

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