What Makes Tongyu Different?

People are constantly looking for the new and better, which is why many choose Tongyu Communication because of its high-quality products. With various antennas to choose from and competitive prices, anyone can find the perfect solution for their needs. Customers have come to expect high quality and performance from Tongyu.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Antenna Supplier

You’ve probably heard the term “antenna gain” before. Antenna gain measures how much power your antenna can pull in from the radio waves. It can be important to choose an antenna supplier with a high gain because it will allow you to pick up more signals. But what other factors should you consider when choosing an antenna supplier?

Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing an antenna supplier:

  1. Location and Construction. Ensure the antenna supplier is located in a good location for receiving signals. Antennas can also be sensitive to construction materials nearby, so ensure the supplier uses shielded wire or tubing.
  2. Bandwidth. Make sure the bandwidth of the antenna meets your needs. Some antennas are designed for specific bands, while others can be used on a wider range of frequencies. Make sure to check the specifications of the antenna before purchase.
  3. Gain and radiation pattern. Ensure the antenna has high gain and a radiation pattern matching your needs. The radiation pattern is a visual representation of how well the antenna transmits signals in all directions. It’s important to select an antenna with a good radiation pattern.

Why is Tongyu Communication better than other companies?

It has Indoor Rectangular Far-Field Antenna Test System:

This system is currently the largest indoor far-field test system in the mobile communications industry. The chamber has undergone a rigorous simulation design. The main reflection area is covered with a 1.6-meter-high wave-absorbing material, and the Fresnel area is designed with Chebyshev waves to minimize measurement errors caused by reflection.


If you want to find a mobile communication antenna manfacturer, it is highly recommended Tongyu Communication. Their products are high-quality and cost-effective.

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