Why is My AOL Mail not Working on iPad, iPhone, and Mac?

If your AOL mail is not working on iPad, iPhone or your Mac, we are here to help you with solving those issues. To fix it you will have to follow the instructions that are given below exactly. 

Advantages to Use this Aol Mail

The email service is available absolutely for free which is also easy for all users to access it. It gives unlimited storage for all users to access, and also the mail provides both free and also paid options to users.

Having an aol app can help you to add accounts, organize mailboxes, send mails and more other features.

What to Do when I Face an Error in my Aol Mail?

Are you in a situation where you are having an error in your mail and you cannot fix it, we are here to help you fix it.

 Solution 1: Check your Internet Connection

Have a look at your device if it is connected to an internet connection then only aol mail can work without any error. Even if it looks like there is an internet connection, sometimes there will be no network. So you will have to do a speed test in your browser.

Solution 2: Clear the Cache and Cookies

When there is a lump sum of cookies and caches accumulated, this will also lead to error in your aol mail. So now we will guide you to clear the caches and cookies from your browser. 

Step 1: open your browser, at the top right there will be three dots and then you have to click on more tools. 

Step 2: Then choose the clear browsing data, at the top choose the time range.  (we would recommend you to select all time so that you can clear it completely). 

Step 3: Check the boxes, cookies and other site data and cached images and files. 

Step 4: Finally, click on the clear data. AOL mail won’t load or any other error can be fixed easily with this easy method. 

Solution 3: Disable Extensions and Plugins

You will have to try disabling all the active extensions and plugins since even this may cause an error in your aol mail. 

Solution 4: Third Party Apps can Interfere the Smooth Functioning of Aol

Even the softwares that is securing your device can cause errors while you use aol mail. Even disabling antivirus software temporarily can fix issues with your aol mail. 

Solution 5: Web Browser must be Updated

When you are using a browser that is not updated, then it may also cause errors on your aol mail. Follow the steps given below to update your web browser. Then you will have to check in the line where you can find your browser. 

Google chrome – click on the vertical dot in your browser and click on the help option. Choose on the about from the list, if there is any update available install it and restart your device. 

Mozilla Firefox: open the menu in your browser and go to the help option. Then select ‘about firefox’ and finally click on the update. 

Safari – open the apple menu and click on to the apple store, then click on the update options. If there are any updates available click on it to download and install it. 

With this one easy step you can easily fix ‘aol mail problems’ in your browser. 

Solution 6: Check your Server

Using any of the apps you can find out if there is any issue in the aol server. You can easily find that using any of the websites like ‘downdetector’, ‘is it down for me or everyone’ or any other websites. 

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