Anyone who’s ever tried cheap synthetic wigs will understand wig irritation; It’s a very discomforting and itchy reaction that causes a lot of unwanted appearances such as pimples, dandruff, or restlessness. It’s a very prickly experience. 


  1. Cheap Product sells fast: One of the primary causes of wig irritation is because cheap wigs sell quickly, and wig manufacturers understand this phenomenon, so they mass produce what the market demands. These wigs are usually not 100% human hair or virgin hair; they are made out of plastic kanekalon fibers that look slightly similar to a shoe brush; that’s why they are prickly and irritating. Buy 100% human hair wigs or braided wigs from poshglad braided wigs. It may be somewhat expensive; however, it’s economically better long term. 
  2. Bad Hygiene Storage: Bad hygiene could be the reason why your wig is itchy and odorous. Some wig manufacturer warehouses may not be ideal for storing wigs. It could be too hot, too cold, or improper ventilation that may have exposed the wig to black mold. TIPS: When you first receive your wig, it’s advisable to soak it in lukewarm water to kill any mold, bacteria or remove oil sheens.
  3. Wearing The Wig For Too Long: Every wig has a lifespan of 1-5 yrs. Irritation can occur if your wig has exceeded its lifespan. If your wig has surpassed its lifespan and you like the wig, you can restore it by watching wig restoration videos on YouTube to revive your wig.
  4. Improper Drying: The best way to dry wigs is underneath direct sunlight in an open space; however, not every country enjoys 365 days of sunlight. The alternative is a salon dryer or handheld blow dryer. 
  5. Apply Oil Sheen: Like your natural hair, you should apply oil sheen to your wig from time to time to retain its luster.  

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