Windshields and Wiper Blades – The Inseparable Soulmates

Did you know that your windscreen has more dust particles sticking to it at one moment of time on a road than the total number of hair follicles on your head combined with that of your friend? Yes, it is true especially for the vehicles that are driven on the grimy Indian roads. 

In this scenario there is a high possibility that the visibility of your windscreen reduces or, even worse, the windscreen is permanently blotted because of stubborn particles that are not taken care of well in time. So, wiper blades come to the rescue and get the windshield rid of all those unwanted dust particles or other stains sticking to it. 

At least we are clear in our heads that wiper blades definitely form a very important component in our cars and we cannot do away with them unless we have some supernatural resources taking away their roles in future. Now, that the wiper blades are here to stay for long then we might as well get ourselves educated about their actual worth and value in order to make it an investment worthwhile. 

Types of Wiper Blades 

I think the entire humankind unanimously agrees to the fact that wiper blades are the most non-fascinating accessory in a car because of their bland looks and simple function. But I think all of us will also unanimously agree to the fact that we wouldn’t want to trade our wiper blades with any other thing in the world because there is not a day when we do not make use of them. 

In order to know what money is worth spending on our wiper blades, let us discuss the different types of wiper blades. It is important to know the features of each of these conventionally designed wiper blades in order to put a money worth on it so without wasting any time let us straight off jump to the discussion.

  1. Conventional Frame Style Wiper.

These wipers have a rubber body mounted on a metallic entity. The metallic frame is meant to provide support to the blade made of rubber every time it wipes across the windshield. It is the most widely known and used variety of a wiper blade. Possibly, it is also the cheapest variety of wiper blade available.

  1. Beam Blades Style Wiper.

A style that was designed to serve the purpose of looks solely. Beam blades style wipers are known to have a more enticing finishing touch that suits the modern windscreens better than the conventional frame style wipers. This style of wipers is becoming more and more popular recently because of its unique and classy look but its efficiency is as good as that of conventionally styled wipers itself. 

  1. Winter Wiper.

It is inevitable that vehicles driven in areas of challenging weather conditions have their special requirements. One of them is specially designed wipers because of the icy cold weather and snowy conditions. These wipers are nothing different but they are exactly similar to the conventional frame style wipers except that these are covered in preservative rubber cases. This increases the lifespan of these wiper blades and makes it tolerable to the tough weather conditions. Their looks are not very pleasing to the eye and are surprisingly even worse than the conventional frame style wipers. 

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Wiper Blades?

You might go to the market and surprise yourself with so many prices offered for the same product. These prices range from thousands to a few hundreds of rupees and they are only meant to put you in a deep dilemma. Going for the two extremes, that is, the most expensive or the cheapest is definitely not advisable. 

Companies manufacturing these wiper blades have their own reasons to set a price limit to each of these products but we must ensure that these price tags should, in no way, dictate our decision to make a choice among those. Some of the best quality wiper blades are available in the cheapest price range, so it is not guaranteed that these price tags will determine the quality of your wiper blades.

One thing that can help you choose a good quality wiper blade is that you can go through the online reviews about the particular product of a particular brand. This will help you constrict your list of choices to a few limited ones. If this does not help either then you can take advice from a car expert/professional that you trust. 


This is all for the day. We have provided all possible sources for you that can help you make a choice between some of the best quality wiper blades available in the market. We hope this article proved to be insightful for you and we were able to satiate the hunger of your curiosity completely. 

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