Advancing Catheter Products with APT Medical’s 6.5F Set for Complex Procedures

The increasing prevalence of complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) procedures has created a need for larger guiding catheters to accommodate multiple devices. 7F introducer sheaths and guiding catheters were traditionally recommended via the femoral artery. However, APT Medical presents an alternative solution with their 6.5F Set, allowing for radial artery access while providing a larger inner lumen for the guiding catheter.

Braidin™ 6.5F Introducer Sheath: Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

As part of the Braidin™ introducer sheath family, the 6.5F Braidin™ introducer sheath represents a breakthrough in introducer products. Specifically designed to be used alongside the 6.5F guiding catheter, this introducer sheath features a braided stainless steel structure. Notably, it offers a smaller outer diameter than conventional 6F introducer sheaths while providing a 0.5F larger inner diameter. This design innovation allows for smoother device delivery and improved procedural outcomes.

March™ 6.5F Guiding Catheter: Expanding Possibilities with Increased Lumen Space

The 6.5F March™ guiding catheter, a member of the March™ guiding catheter family, offers a significant advancement in catheter products. With an inner diameter of 0.075″, compared to the 0.071″ inner diameter of 6F guiding catheters, it provides additional lumen space. This enlarged space enables compatibility with larger and more devices, enhancing the versatility of the catheter during complex procedures.


APT Medical’s 6.5F Set demonstrates its commitment to advancing catheter products for complex procedures. With the Braidin™ 6.5F introducer sheath and the March™ 6.5F guiding catheter, healthcare professionals can access innovative tools designed to optimize performance and outcomes. By offering a smaller outer diameter with an increased inner diameter, APT Medical empowers physicians to navigate complex anatomies and confidently deliver superior patient treatment. APT Medical’s dedication to innovation and excellence shines through in their 6.5F Set, solidifying their position as leaders in advancing catheter technology for complex interventions.

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