Boyu Extruder: Your Trusted Source for High-Quality PVC Foam Board Sheets

PVC foam board sheet has gained immense popularity as a versatile alternative to wood boards in a wide range of applications. Boyu Extruder, a trusted brand known for its commitment to excellence, offers high-quality PVC foam board sheets that meet the diverse needs of industries such as construction, furniture, and displays. Let’s explore the advantages of PVC foam board sheets and how Boyu Extruder’s advanced production line ensures superior quality.

Unleashing the Benefits of PVC Foam Board Sheets

PVC foam board sheets, crafted from PVC resin powder and activated light calcium carbonate, offer numerous advantages over traditional wood boards. Their heat resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and high strength make them an ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications. Whether you need decorative furniture, partitions, display panels, or construction materials, PVC foam board sheets deliver exceptional performance and durability. Boyu Extruder’s PVC foam board sheets provide a reliable solution that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

High-Quality Production Line for Superior PVC Foam Board Sheets

Boyu Extruder takes pride in its high-quality PVC Foam Board Production Line, which holds a CE certification. Their production line ensures the thorough and uniform plasticization of the material in the barrel, guaranteeing superior product quality. The optimized plasticization process not only enhances the overall performance of the PVC foam board sheets but also increases extruder speed and production capacity. With Boyu Extruder’s advanced production line, you can trust in the consistent quality and efficiency of their PVC foam board sheets.


Boyu Extruder stands as your trusted source for high-quality PVC foam board sheets that cater to diverse industries and applications. With advantages such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and exceptional strength, their PVC foam board sheets offer a reliable and versatile solution for your projects. Backed by their CE-certified PVC Foam Board Production Line, they ensure superior quality and increased production capacity. Partner with Boyu Extruder to experience the difference of working with a brand dedicated to excellence, reliability, and your success.

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