Career Coaching Companies: Introducing OSG, the Leader in Professional Guidance


Are you looking for expert guidance to kickstart your career? Meet OSG, a leading boutique career consulting platform that provides professional and personalized career coaching services for international students worldwide. They aim to equip mentees with the knowledge, skills, and connections to join top financial institutions and career coaching companies.

Elite Mentors and 24/7 Support

OSG is proud of its full-time employees stationed in the United States and the United Kingdom. These employees ensure that all mentees have access to recruiting services around the clock. Their mentorship team, which is spread out throughout essential centers all over the world, is committed to delivering unrivaled assistance and direction throughout the entirety of the career development path.

Unwavering Standards and Real Results

Investors from central investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and consulting firms are among the individuals who serve as OSG mentors. These individuals are not only highly trained professionals, but they have also been subjected to rigorous training and evaluations in the field of education. To maintain their high standards, they only announce offers that are lucrative and have the potential to lead to full-time sponsored positions. They differentiate themselves from companies that provide career coaching by focusing on achieving results and maintaining professional ethics.


Many Chinese international students want to work in elite corporate careers, but knowledge asymmetry and unethical tactics make it difficult. OSG wants to break the “bamboo ceiling” in finance for Chinese students seeking Western financial employment. Our 2020 founding has made them the frontrunner in premium corporate career consulting. They are renowned at top colleges globally for their one-on-one specialized services, high offer rates, and individualized career strategies. Join OSG’s community and take a unique route to success. This career coaching company helps you achieve your goals with concentration, professionalism, and a friendly community.

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