How do Humans Impact the Carbon Cycle?

Humans have changed the natural balance of the carbon cycle because we use coal, oil, and natural gas to supply our energy demands. Fossil fuels are a sink for CO2 when they form, but they are a source of CO2 when they are burned.

The equation shows that when propane burns, it uses oxygen and produces carbon dioxide and water. So when a car burns a tank of gas, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases just a little. Added over millions of tanks of gas and coal burned for electricity in power plants and all of the other sources of CO2, the result is the increase in atmospheric CO2 seen in the graph above.

The second largest source of atmospheric CO2 is deforestation (Figure right). Trees naturally absorb CO2 while they are alive. Trees that are cut down lose their ability to absorb CO2. If the tree is burned or decomposes, it becomes a source of CO2. A forest can go from being a carbon sink to being a carbon source.

Why the Carbon Cycle is Important?

Why is such a small amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere even important? Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases trap heat energy that would otherwise radiate out into space, which warms Earth. These gases were discussed in Concept

Atmospheric Processes

This video “Keeping up with Carbon” from NASA, focuses on the oceans. Topics include what will happen as the temperature warms and the oceans can hold less carbon, and ocean acidification

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