Enhanced Efficiency Through Innovative Solar Solutions

Achieving long-term success in today’s industrial sector requires relentless focus on efficiency. The AP1001, a state-of-the-art  portable solar power station by myACT, can transform the way businesses handle energy, resulting in more efficiency and lower costs.

Versatile Power Solutions for Industrial Applications

Introducing myACT’s flagship product, the AP1001 portable solar power station, designed to meet the diverse energy needs of industrial settings. Equipped with built-in LED lighting, multiple output ports, and a lightweight design, the AP1001 offers unparalleled versatility. It seamlessly integrates with various primary power sources, including grid, solar, and car charging, providing reliable energy wherever it’s needed.

Empowering Automated Industries with Reliable Energy Supply

In automated industries, uninterrupted power supply is essential for maintaining seamless operations. The AP1001 from myACT ensures a reliable energy source, empowering automated systems to operate efficiently around the clock. Its high responsiveness, reliability, and long-term durability make it an indispensable asset for industrial applications, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Professional Electronic Services for Industrial Automation

Beyond providing top-tier products like the AP1001, myACT offers comprehensive electronic manufacturing services tailored to the needs of industrial automation. Specializing in ODM/OEM/EMS solutions, myACT delivers a range of electronic components, including control boards, drive boards, inverters, and industrial robots. By partnering with myACT, businesses can access complete machine products designed to enhance efficiency and performance in automated industries.


With myACT‘s AP1001 portable solar power station and professional electronic services, businesses can optimize their industrial operations, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. Experience the power of innovation and efficiency with myACT as your trusted partner.


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