Illuminate Your Closets with Ledia Lighting’s Rechargeable LED Closet Light

Ledia Lighting is excited to introduce its groundbreaking rechargeable LED closet light, a versatile lighting option that aims to improve closet organization and convenience. As esteemed distributors and agents, we invite you to discover the exceptional qualities of these advanced battery powered led motion detector lights with rechargeable batteries and motion detection, providing you with an enhanced lighting experience that will revolutionize your space.

Effortless Motion Sensing

Equipped with a PIR sensor, this closet light offers a hands-free operation, automatically switching on and off based on detected motion. Bid farewell to fumbling for switches and enjoy the convenience of illumination that adapts to your needs.

Rechargeable and Long-lasting

The inclusion of a Li-Battery in the LED Closet Light offers a long standby time and effortless recharging. This eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, providing convenience and uninterrupted operation.

Simple and Magnetic Installation

Say goodbye to complicated installation processes. The LED Closet Light comes with a magnetic installation system, eliminating the need for screws. Mounting and repositioning the light becomes effortless, making it an ideal solution for any closet space.

Sleek and Practical Design

The unique asymmetric design of the LED Closet Light’s vertical section ensures a visually appealing appearance with a low profile. Additionally, this design allows users to easily detach the light for recharging purposes, adding practicality to its sleek aesthetics.

Streamlined Control with Smart Button

The LED Closet Light features a smart button that combines mode switching and color adjustment into one unified design. This simplifies the user experience and provides seamless control over modes and color customization.


Ledia Lighting’s Rechargeable LED Closet Light offers a remarkable lighting solution for closets, enhancing organization and convenience for users. With its seamless illumination, motion and touchless sensing technology, high CRI, rechargeable battery, easy installation, and intuitive control, this product sets a new standard for closet lighting.

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