Innovative ForwardX AMRs Boost Warehouse Efficiency

With the 4th generation of AMR applying “vision recognition plus LIDAR” technology and the self-developed superior f(x) cluster scheduling and managing system, ForwardX, a company that focuses on person-to-goods automation, has created an efficient and flexible warehouse automation solution. This efficient and innovative solution solves the problems of low efficiency and safety risks of the traditional manual model and has become a shining star in the warehouse and logistics industry. Take a look at the details.

The traditional manual person-to-goods model: inefficient and risky for safety

ForwardX noticed that the traditional “person-to-goods” model, which relies on manual picking by workers, has been used for many years and was one of the pain points of the logistics industry in the early days. Workers were pushing heavy trolleys in large warehouses to pick goods, which was often dangerous and slow.

In terms of economics, this workflow is also unsatisfactory, human resource costs climb as time goes by, and once the warehouse scale is expanded, the human resource costs increases accordingly. These disadvantages were noticed by ForwardX. Hinted by that low-efficiency picking mode, ForwardX started to focus on the research and development of smart robots.

Forward-Looking ForwardX

As their brand name indicates, ForwardX has an extraordinary forward-looking vision. ForwardX has a deep insight into the needs of the warehousing and logistics industry and is constantly improving the technology content of its products. The company is constantly enhancing product updates and iterations to produce AMRs equipped with computer vision and AI cognitive capabilities to provide high-quality solutions for future automation in the warehousing industry. Visit ForwardX’s official website for more information.

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