Introducing M1404: A High-Quality Hermetic Ceramic Package from Hermetix

Hermetix, a distinguished manufacturer and distributor of hermetic packages based in Shanghai, is revolutionizing the packaging industry with its cutting-edge solutions. Among its comprehensive product range, the M1404 stands out as a popular hermetic ceramic package widely favored in various fields.

Features and Benefits of the M1404

  1. Superior Materials and Craftsmanship: Constructed with 4J29 and 92% Al2O3 materials, the M1404 showcases Hermetix’s commitment to using only the best materials in their packaging solutions. Further enhancing its quality, it boasts a plating of Ni: 2~11.43um and Au: ≥4um, ensuring durability and longevity.
  2. Ideal Dimensions and Performance: The M1404 comes with the dimensions of L: 14mm, W: 8.13mm, and H: 1.65mm, making it a compact and efficient solution for packaging needs. Additionally, it offers an insulation resistance of ≥1×10^9Ω (100V DC) and Hermeticity of ≥1×10^-3 Pa·cm^3/s, highlighting its excellent performance parameters.
  3. Versatile Applications: The M1404’s versatility is evident in its wide range of applications. It is extensively used in computers, radar, communication equipment, and aerospace, demonstrating its adaptability to various industries and technologies.

Customized Engineering Services

Hermetix goes beyond providing high-quality products by offering exceptional OEM/ODM services. By working from client or in-house drawings, Hermetix aims to lower costs and improve functionality, providing robust solutions to technical obstacles during product design.


The M1404 not only exemplifies Hermetix’s commitment to quality and innovation but also its ability to provide customized solutions to meet clients’ specific needs. With its superior specifications, versatile applications, and backed by Hermetix’s extensive experience and knowledge, the M1404 is truly an exceptional addition to the world of hermetic ceramic packages.

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