Polymer Additives Manufacturer and Supplier/Partner Selection Strategies

As a polymer additives manufacturer, I understand the importance of selecting the right supplier or partner for your business. In this article, we will explore the capabilities of Shine Polymer, a leading player in the industry.

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Shine Polymer: A Reliable Partner in Polymer Additives Manufacturing

Shine Polymer is an ISO9001 certified and high-tech enterprise with an impressive facility spanning an area of 35,051 square meters. With a production capacity of 14,000 MT/year for Impact Modifier, 3,000 MT/year for Anti-dripping agent, and 2,000 MT/year for Polymer Processing Aids; Shine Polymer has established itself as a reliable manufacturer in the market. Their product range applies to various industries such as plastics, rubber, and electronic chemicals.

Market Promotion

With their strong presence in the market and extensive product portfolio, Shine Polymer actively promotes its offerings through targeted marketing strategies. They ensure that their products reach potential customers effectively by leveraging their industry expertise and network.

Export Country

In addition to serving domestic clients efficiently, Shine Polymer also focuses on expanding its global footprint. The company exports its polymer additives to numerous countries worldwide while maintaining consistent quality standards across borders.

Coverage of Product

The wide coverage of products offered by Shine Polymer sets them apart from competitors. From Impact Modifiers to Anti-dripping agents and Polymer Processing Aids – they have it all covered under one roof. This comprehensive range allows customers to find suitable solutions tailored to their specific needs.


The customer base of Shine Polymer includes prominent players from various industries such as automotive manufacturers, electronics companies,and plastic product manufacturers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable product performance has earned them a loyal clientele.


Shinepoly® ASA, one of Shine Polymer’s flagship products, finds extensive usage in automotive materials. It is recommended for high gloss PC/ASA, PMMA/ASA, and ASA applications. This versatile additive is targeted for use in painted automotive parts, electrical/electronic components, appliances, business machines, lawn and garden equipment,and recreational vehicles.

Electronic Appliances

In the electronic appliance industry where aesthetics play a crucial role alongside functionality and durability, Shinepoly® ASA proves to be an ideal choice. Its high gloss finish enhances the visual appeal of electronic devices while providing excellent protection against environmental factors.

Extrusion Process Additives

Polymer Processing Aids offered by Shine Polymer are widely used as extrusion process additives. These additives improve melt flow properties during processing and enhance the overall efficiency of extrusion processes across various industries such as packaging and construction.


The automotive industry demands exceptional performance from polymer materials used in vehicle manufacturing. With its superior impact resistance and weatherability characteristics, Shinepoly® ASA ensures that automotive components maintain their integrity even under challenging conditions.

The Right Choice: Selecting Shine Polymer as Your Polymer Additives Manufacturer

In conclusion, selecting the right supplier or partner for your polymer additives needs is crucial for your business success. With its ISO9001 certification,capacity capabilities,and comprehensive product range; Shine Polymer emerges as a reliable choice in this competitive market.With their focus on market promotion,international presence,broad coverage of products,and satisfied customers across different industries; partnering with Shine Polymer can provide you with quality solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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