Super Scope Max: Unleashing Brilliance in Theatrical Lighting

Embark on a exciting journey of lighting excellence with Light Sky‘s LED lamp spot Super Scope Max. This remarkable professional moving headlight is engineered to produce awe-inspiring theatrical lighting effects. Boasting a formidable 1,200W LED light source and an advanced optical system, Super Scope Max ensures unparalleled brightness and beam penetration. By seamlessly integrating beam, wash, spot and profile functionalities, this cutting-edge LED profile spotlight redefines versatility in the realm of lighting solutions.

Unleashing the Power of Light

Super Scope Max harnesses the immense power of a 1,200W LED light source, providing brilliant illumination with a long lifespan and low heat radiation. Its advanced optical system incorporates high-efficiency lenses and an 8x optical zoom, ensuring optimal light source utilization and uniformity effects. The result is a stunning display of vibrant colors and pristine beams that captivate audiences.

Versatile and Dynamic Lighting Effects

Equipped with a comprehensive color mixing system, Super Scope Max offers exceptional color versatility. The CMY linear color mixing function allows for precise control and seamless blending of colors, ranging from pure red to bright green and deep blue. Additionally, the linear CTO expands the color mixing capabilities and enables control of the color temperature from 6,500K to 3,000K, providing a wide range of creative possibilities for lighting designers.

Professional Cutting System

Super Scope Max incorporates a professional cutting system that allows for precise and distortion-free transformations. With the ability to cut out patterns such as triangles, quadrilaterals, sectors, and arcs in any direction, lighting designers have complete control over shaping the light to suit their artistic vision. This cutting-edge feature adds depth and dimension to the lighting design, enhancing the overall theatrical experience.

Wide Zoom Range and Optimal Performance

Super Scope Max offers a wide zoom range from 6 to 60 degrees, ensuring coverage of preferred field angles in theater and TV lighting. The intelligent noise reduction design enables low-noise operation, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the performance without distractions. The 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen provides intuitive control and seamless navigation, simplifying the lighting setup process.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Max represents a new era in theatrical lighting, combining power, versatility, and cutting-edge technology. With its powerful LED light source, advanced optical system, and dynamic lighting effects, Super Scope Max empowers lighting designers to create breathtaking experiences that leave a lasting impact.

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