Sustainable Food Packaging: A Guide to Qiaowang Supplier Manufacturer

With the increasing global concern for environmental sustainability, sustainable food packaging has become a crucial aspect of the food industry. In this guide, we will explore Qiaowang as a leading supplier manufacturer in the field and their range of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Qiaowang’s Bagasse Fiber Pulp Cups and Lids

Qiaowang offers popular bagasse fiber pulp cups with matching lids in various sizes to fulfill sustainable food packaging needs. These cups are made from renewable sugarcane fibers, making them 100% compostable and environmentally friendly. They provide a safe option for serving hot or cold beverages while reducing plastic waste.

Environmental-friendly 100% compostable bagasse fiber bowl with or without lids, safe for food-containing. Perfect for fast packaging.

Available in various shapes, disposable bagasse pulp plates are suitable for daily diet. Easy-portable and outdoor-friendly.

In-demand sugar cane containers. Water & oil resistant, heat-friendly at 100℃ within 30 minutes. Optional clamshell and without lid.

Compostable bagasse food trays of various sizes and designs are widely applied at tables and chain fresh supermarkets.

Eco-Friendly Options for Sustainable Food Packaging

In addition to their cup offerings, Qiaowang provides a wide range of sustainable food packaging options that cater to different needs in the industry. Their products include biodegradable bowls suitable for fast-food restaurants looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining convenience for customers.

The Future of Sustainable Food Packaging

As the demand for sustainable food packaging continues to grow, Qiaowang remains committed to developing innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact. By choosing Qiaowang as your supplier manufacturer, you can contribute to a greener future while ensuring the quality and safety of your food packaging.


In conclusion, Qiaowang is a leading supplier manufacturer in sustainable food packaging. Their range of eco-friendly products, such as bagasse fiber pulp cups and lids, provides an excellent alternative to traditional plastic packaging. By opting for these sustainable options, businesses can play their part in reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

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