The Importance of Using a SpO2 Cable in Your Medical Practice

Are you looking for a way to improve the accuracy of your patient monitoring in your medical practice? Look no further than the SpO2 cable! This vital piece of equipment measures oxygen saturation levels in real-time, allowing for quick and accurate diagnoses. In this blog post, we’ll explore why using Unimed‘s SpO2 cable is essential for any medical practitioner who wants to provide top-notch care. From its technical capabilities to how it can benefit both patients and practitioners alike, we’ll cover everything you need to know about incorporating this important tool into your practice. So let’s dive in!

How does a Spo2 cable work

Unimed’s Spo2 cable is a medical device that helps monitor oxygen levels in patients. It’s often used during surgeries to ensure that the patient’s oxygen levels stay within a safe range. In most cases, Unimed’s Spo2 cable is connected to an oximeter and then to a computer or other device that can display the results.
The Spo2 cable works by sending an electrical current through the blood vessels close to the skin. This current helps to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood. The Spo2 cable can also be used to measure carbon dioxide levels.

Why use a Spo2 cable in medical practice

A Spo2 cable is a valuable tool for monitoring patients in medical practice. The cable can help physicians ensure that patients are receiving the correct amount of oxygen and that they are receiving it in a timely manner. A Spo2 cable also allows physicians to monitor other vital signs, such as heart rate, pH levels, and blood pressure.


Unimed’s spO2 cable allows you to measure oxygen levels in the blood and provides valuable information on how well the patient is responding to treatment. By monitoring oxygen levels, you can ensure that patients are receiving the correct dosage of medication and that they are receiving proper care.


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