Understanding the Working Principle of RTLS in Manufacturing

Understanding the Working Principle of RTLS in Manufacturing

Blueiot, a renowned provider of Bluetooth AoA indoor positioning systems, offers a comprehensive solution for RTLS manufacturing. In this article, we will delve into the working principle of RTLS and how Blueiot’s technology brings value to the manufacturing sector.

Deployment of AoA Anchors and Tags:

To initiate the RTLS process, Blueiot AoA anchors are strategically deployed throughout the manufacturing facility, taking into consideration the specific needs and the architectural layout of the environment. These anchors act as reference points and emit Bluetooth signals to establish communication with the tags.

Blueiot or its partner tags are then attached to people, vehicles, or assets that need to be tracked. These tags receive the signals transmitted by the anchors and serve as mobile beacons for precise location determination.

Data Collection and Analysis:

The collected data from the tags is transmitted to the AoA engine, a powerful software component of Blueiot’s RTLS system. The AoA engine processes the received signals, resolves the location information, and generates real-time data insights.

Visualized Dynamic Interface:

Blueiot’s platforms provide a user-friendly interface that visualizes the dynamic location information obtained through the RTLS system. This interface displays the real-time positions of assets, vehicles, and personnel on maps or floor plans, enabling manufacturers to monitor and manage their operations effectively.


By leveraging Blueiot’s RTLS solution, manufacturers can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve overall operational visibility. With precise asset tracking and personnel monitoring capabilities, Blueiot empowers the manufacturing industry to embrace the benefits of IoT and create a connected and intelligent manufacturing environment.

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