Unimed External Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor: Accurate Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Unimed, a reputable brand in the medical industry, offers an External Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor designed to provide accurate carbon dioxide monitoring. In this article, we will delve into the advanced technology behind Unimed ETCO2 sensors, focusing on their mode of sampling, principle of operation, and technical specifications such as CO2 measurement range, response time, and resolution.

Mode of Sampling and Principle of Operation

Unimed ETCO2 sensors utilize a sidestream mode of sampling, which involves extracting a small sample of exhaled air through a disposable sampling line. This sidestream method allows for continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide levels, ensuring real-time data for healthcare providers. The sensors operate based on a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics principle, utilizing dual wavelengths and no moving parts. This advanced technology enables accurate and reliable carbon dioxide measurement.

Technical Specifications for CO2 Measurement Range, Response Time, and Resolution

Unimed ETCO2 sensors offer a wide CO2 measurement range, allowing for comprehensive monitoring in various clinical scenarios. The precise range ensures accurate readings from 0 to 152 mmHg, 0 to 20.0%, and 0 to 20 kPa. The sensors employ a CO2 calculation method that incorporates barometric pressure supplied by the module, automatically calculating mmHg readings in BTPS (Body Temperature Pressure Saturated) conditions. Additionally, Unimed ETCO2 sensors exhibit a rapid response time of fewer than 4 seconds, including transport time and rise time. The high-resolution capnogram is displayed within 4 seconds, providing healthcare providers with immediate insights into the patient’s respiratory status.


Unimed External Sidestream ETCO2 Sensors offer accurate carbon dioxide monitoring through advanced technology. The sidestream mode of sampling allows for continuous monitoring, while the non-dispersive infrared principle ensures precise measurements. With a wide CO2 measurement range, rapid response time, and high-resolution capnogram, Unimed ETCO2 sensors provide healthcare providers with reliable data for effective patient care.


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