How To Do Keyword Research For Content Marketing

How To Do Keyword Research For Content Marketing

You may be under the false impression that SEO keyword research is quite complex, when in reality, it’s really not the case at all if you know how to conduct it effectively and use the right tools!

I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to do keyword research for content marketing, so you can learn to dominate the top search engine positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing, drive a stream of Free organic traffic to your website and make money on the internet from your online biz.

These are the same techniques I use to successfully locate my own “low hanging fruit” phrases, which are basically low competition keywords that are easier to rank highly for in the search engines, and my methods will work for you too.
I’m here to save the day!!

Step 1 – Take Advantage Of The Google Search Bar

Did you know that Google provides you with a special service that offers you “Search Suggestions”, (based on some of the most popular search terms that people use) to help get you started with collecting keyword research ideas?
Well, you do now!

A: Visit

B: Type a phrase in to the search bar. For my example, I have typed “make money“, and you can see that Google has suggested 3 ideas I could use for my keyword research.

C: Use this method to compile a list of phrases for a topic you wish to write about on your website, and either jot them down on paper or save to your computer.

Step 2 – Use The Alphabet Soup Technique

What the heck is the alphabet soup technique when it’s at home?
LOL! I’ll show you 😛

This is another awesome method you can implement to fetch even more great ideas from Google, and you simply work your way through the alphabet.

For this example, I have used the term “make money” again, only this time I added an “a” at the end.

So just from the first 2 letters of the alphabet, Google has given me 8 keyword phrase suggestions.
Can you see where this is leading to?
Yep, a whole bunch of fantastic keyword terms!
A: Work your way through the entire alphabet if you wish, and add your new keyword ideas to your current list from step 1.

Step 3 – Plug Your Keyword Phrases Into a Free Keyword Tool

Once you have finished your list of phrases, enter a selected phrase in to a Free keyword tool which will give you an even bigger selection of keywords to choose from for your website’s article.

You have 2 amazing keyword tool options here:

A: The Free Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate, but you must first become a member of (WA) to gain access to it,

B: Receive 30 Free searches from the Jaaxy Keyword Tool, and you can start right now by plugging a phrase into the box below.

Step 4 – Pick a “Low Hanging Fruit” Keyword Phrase

Now, before you can uncover a suitable keyword for your article, there are some basic keyword research metrics for you to understand, and I will walk you through them at a steady pace, using the “make money online” keyword and the Jaaxy platform as an example.

A: Within the Jaaxy members area, click the “Search” tab, enter your phrase into the box and click “Find Keywords.”

B: From Jaaxy’s keyword results page, choose a “long tail” keyword that generates at least 5o monthly searches, so your article receives some traffic.

C: Ensure the keyword has less than 300 QSR (Quoted Search Results), or as close to 0 as you can get it because it represents less competing pages in Google.

D: Make sure there’s a Green dot next to the keyword, under KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator). Amber’s OK to use and Red’s a no go area because it means there’s too much competition for that keyword.

E: Aim for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score of as close to 100 as possible for increased chances of higher ranking.

F: Also ensure your keyword makes perfect sense, and one that you can naturally fit into a sentence.

I have found a keyword phrase that ticks all the boxes above, I can create an article from it and I stand a good chance at ranking on the first page of Google from it, providing I write high quality website content that people and the search engines really love.

That’s all there is to finding “Golden Keywords” for your content, and Jaaxy makes the whole process so easy to do, and it actually produces real time and effective results, compared to a lot of “broken” keyword research tools on the net.

However, Jaaxy does far much more than just digging up “low hanging fruit” keywords because if you upgrade to “Pro” or “Enterprise” membership, you unlock a range of other Super Cool features and gadgets that save you time and money when it comes to keyword related tasks.

When you upgrade to the Pro version or even Jaaxy Enterprise here, the “Alphabet Soup Technique” is also built into the platform, and it automatically pulls up the “A-Z” of your phrase, so you don’t have to spend countless hours doing it the manual way through Google.

Do you have any questions or feedback you wish to share on keyword research? Please share your thoughts below…

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