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Will Social Media Optimization Give me Traffic?

Social media optimization website traffic You might be wondering to yourself, “What is Social Media Optimization?” Well, it is a very simple concept actually.

SMO refers to creating social profiles for your business or website and building a large fan base on each.

That way, you have a large loyal band of followers that you can convey information to any time you need.

The goal here is to increase the awareness to something by connecting with a small percentage of the millions of people on websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Social Media Tip: Do not EVER buy followers, likes, or anything of that nature. Do NOT let tempt you into getting 800 Facebook likes because they are usually fake and you will lose most of them within 3 months.

Will Social Media Optimization Give me Traffic?


Even if you only have a small group of followers, you can easily get traffic from social media websites.

The trick is to just stay active, connect with your readers, and always find ways to build more fans.

On Facebook you want to get Likes, on Twitter you want to get Followers, on Google+ you want to be in others circles, and on Pinterest you want people to follow your boards.

Imagine if you have a total of 10,000 followers throughout your social networks. You publish a new blog article and you want to get it out to the world.

So, you decide to update your Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, Pinterest followers, and everyone in your Google+ circles about it.

I will guarantee that if you have real followers and fans, that your article will get hundreds to thousands of hits within 24 hours and will probably be shared by hundreds of people.

This is exactly why social media optimization is so important.

Social Media Tip: Respond to your followers when they contact you and conduct polls and surveys to connect with people.

Try to become an authority Twitter that they want to read every single day.

What Social Networks Should I Join?


These are the necessary social networks in my opinion, and you should join them if you want to run a successful blog.

Each has its own upsides and downsides. However, by using social media websites you can get your followers and fans to spread your stories and gain tons of website traffic.

This is where the future of blogging and marketing is headed in 2021 and probably beyond.

If you can be successful on social networks, there is a good chance that you will rank high in Google as well.

Please let me know what you think about social media marketing and where it is headed.

If you want traffic in 2021 and beyond, you will definitely need to utilize social networks and work on becoming an authority figure. Social media optimization is your next step to success!

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